My Diet Choices

Hello and yay we made it to Friday! Sorry this is a later entry than usual. I slept over 11 hours! My body said “hey you know how you make me work so hard in the gym? Well you need to repay me and get some rest if you want me to work properly”. Body wins.

Yesterday I talked about IIFYM (If it Fits Your Macros). Well after determining what I need, I decided to calculate what I eat and see if it matched up. Well it didn’t. Here I am thinking I am being super healthy and making smart choices, and while I am, I could be making even better ones!

What I’ve learned about my diet:Ā 

  1. My fat grams are WAY too low. I’m coming in under the mark of what I should be. I need to up my fat intake with more healthy fats like almonds and add some more olive oil to things. I was on an avocado streak for a while last week, so maybe I’ll add more of that into my diet regularly too.
  2. My carbs are too high. Sigh… this makes me sad. I keep hearing this voice in my head from this moron that told me last year when I shot him down “maybe you wouldn’t be so crabby if you ate less carbs”. Jerk… I would never say hey you were probably right, but I need to adjust it some. It’s mostly my fruit intake that increases my carbs.
  3. My breakfast calories, protein and fat grams are too low.Ā The carbs are high for breakfast, which is a good thing because carbs give us energy for the day, but I’m coming in too low in calories and protein in the morning. This is mostly when I do egg whites, maybe I need to add some olive oil or avocado in here to up this little problem. Or add more egg whites!
  4. My fiber is on the money. No surprise here. I do lots of fruits and veggies, loaded with good fiber!
  5. Lunch is the time of day when I’m best with my macros.Ā My lunches usually consist of a big piece of protein in a salad full of veggies. Or I will do lots of veggies and a carb with my protein. If I have a salad, I usually add an apple or banana for the carb intake.
  6. Did you know the bison steaks I make are 40 grams of protein PER serving? Wow! Pick these guys up!
  7. I need to add my protein shakes back in. I’ve been slacking on these to save calories here and there, but clearly I made the wrong choice. My body needs it to fit my macros.
  8. Anything under 1400 calories makes me act like a crazy person. I need food. PERIOD.

Speaking of food and those awesome bison steaks. I had one in my salad yesterday at lunch. I actually picked around the spinach, it tasted off for some reason, but I ate everything else.

bison salad

Yes I actually was able to eat lunch this day šŸ™‚

I couldn’t wait for 430 to hit. I didn’t want to work out at all. I kept feeling a twinge in my stomach and I thought why do I hurt so much? I ate today. If I skip meals my stomach KILLS so I always need to make sure I eat. Then I realized I forgot to take my heart burn medicine in the morning before I left work. I switched into my bright gym gear anyway and hit the land of the meat heads. And to my SURPRISE 3 out of 4 stair masters were functioning! I quickly grabbed one even though I was not in the mood for cardio with the pain in my tummy. It was the principle though. I complained about those machines all week, I had to use it! I did 20 minutes and then did my booty workout :


I added in long glute stretching too. Finished with 15 minutes on the elliptical and called it a day.

stretch gap

quads baby

Quads are looking fierce huh?


The shape of my legs are really starting to change. I noticed when I was doing my box step ups. I’m getting muscular legs but I have the little “gap” which every woman wants! I’ll take it, thanks!

I had to stop by the store ASAP and grab some Pepto. My post workout drink…


I did feel some immediate relief, thank goodness.

Today I plan on hitting the gym hard and then using the rest of the day to lounge around and do nothing. Sounds perfect to me šŸ™‚

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Now I’m kind if curious if I getting enough of everything! Your legs are looking good, although they are always looking good! That’s sounds like a great day to me, I can’t wait to do that tomorrow lol enjoy your day šŸ™‚

  2. Caley

    There is this great website that has a very accurate food tracker. One you enter your foods, it gives a carb/protein/fat breakdown. Definitely worth doing for a week or 2 just to see if you’re close to what you need, and then once you’re getting AROUND the % mark for each, you can save time and stop tracking!

    1. Katie

      I’ve used this before for calculating recipe calories and stuff! Good stuff šŸ™‚

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