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Hello there gang. It’s Super Bowl Sunday! I have to say I really am not in the Super Bowl spirit. Last year the Ravens played and won so it was crazy here in Maryland and especially since I work close to the stadium! I remember watching the parade in patients rooms at work. Whoops, don’t tell anyone 😉

And remember when the stadium lights went out? I forgot about it until I looked back at my blog. So which ever team you are rooting for I have to say… Gooooo TEAM? 😉

Lately I’ve been killing it in the gym and I thought I’d share some things with you since I received good feedback about the back exercises.

Most of my leg day on Friday was done in an empty space. I did use equipment for some things like squats using a barbell, TRX squats and pikes, and a kettle bell here and there for curtsy lunges, but a lot of things can be done with just your body alone. Nothing gets your heart rate up like back to back workouts. So here is a short video of me doing these things:

  • Moving Roundhouse Kicks
  • Squat Pulses
  • Lunge Floor Taps
  • Squat and Alternating Front Kicks

For these I did 6 roundhouse kicks each direction, then 8 squat pulses, 10 alternating lunge floor taps, then 12 alternating Squat/Front Kicks. Each set is non step. I did 3 sets. (The video is not a full set because I already finished mine and threw in an extra for all of you)

I also tried calf raises on the flat part of the bosu ball. I moved my feet plie style and really focused on the calf. I like using the bosu because you are forced to use your core.


And for a little leg day gym humor…


As far as arms go, I’m constantly asked for tips on how to get my arms. You know how some people just have abs no matter what? Well I will never be one of those people. The first place I “tone” and lose weight is in my arms. That’s not to say I don’t work extremely hard on them, because I do! In fact I work my arms harder than my legs most of the time because they are my best feature. Gotta keep the good going!

When I looked back at an old instagram photo of myself from three months ago I was shocked at how much my arms have changed. Consistent lifting and a clean diet! The most changes have happened for me in the past few weeks because I’ve been very good about what I’m eating.


I don’t have any arm workouts right now to show you, but I plan on doing a home workout next weekend a filming a bunch of different exercises you can do. Don’t let me slack on this one!

I do have some ab stuff for you guys though! Again you can do all this at home too! Just grab a mat!

  • Pilates Roll Ups
  • Single Leg Oblique Crunches
  • Clamshell Sit Ups (Cross fit style)
  • Supine Side Bends

Hope I gave you some new ideas for home! You don’t always need a gym 🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow with what I’ve been munching on lately to stay clean and healthy!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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