Monday Clean Eats

Back to Monday we go! Congrats to the Seahawks for winning the Super Bowl! I have to say I did not watch, eek. I was in full blown meal prep mode. I even forgot to watch the half time show, but luckily we live in a You Tube world.

I hope you guys have been enjoying my little videos. There will be more to come, promise. Since I am always busy on Sundays, I didn’t have too much time to upload everything so let’s talk about what I’ve been eating lately. Pretty darn clean! (Note: this is not everything, just some different things to show you guys!)



Egg white pancake with cinnamon and peanut butter. I know it sounds weird, but the peanut butter is so good with the egg whites!


Magic Oats. SUPER fluffy!



My carbs in my lunches have been black beans marinated with some lime juice, coconut vinegar, and chives.


Mmmmm scallops!


Harissa chicken. This is just harissa spice and some organic strained tomatoes.


Turned into this, pulled chicken!


Tilapia ceviche. I actually haven’t tried this yet, I’ll let you know how it turned out.




Grilled Salmon


My own garlic/orange pepper harissa sauce



Scallops with tofu noodles and the harissa sauce 🙂



A fluff of course!


Rolled rice cake


Quinoa Rice cakes!


Spelt and Flax seed rice cakes


Almond Butter of course!


More rice cakes… hey I like crunchy things! I have to get that fix somehow. This has a little of my chocolate almond butter and then casein on top as well.

And my kitchen cabinet…


KIDDING! But I wish! Quest bar heaven at GNC. Yum 🙂

Have a great Monday


XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Yum!!! That pulled chicken looks amazing!!!! I know what you mean about crunch, between me and the boyfriend, we are always looking for everything crunchy haha. Ugh I could drool over quest bars, they always look so freakin’ good. Have a great Monday 🙂

  2. Meredith

    What do you put in the magic oats? They look yummy 🙂

  3. tam

    hello. A lot of lovely eats there, yum! My cupboard is full of quest bars too, their flavours are too good. I like the look of the egg white pancake what is the recipe? Tam xx

    1. Katie

      Actually it’s JUST an egg white! I spray a pan with coconut oil spray, on low heat I let 5 egg whites cook until it they bubble a bit and are fully cooked. Then I just plop it on a plate and top with cinnamon and peanut butter! SO GOOD!

  4. Kate @ Coffee with Kate

    The harissa sauce looks so good! I really want to make my own sauce some day soon! Also, have you tried Cookies n’ Creme Quest yet? I’ve heard phenom things but I’m waiting to kill a box of Cookie Dough first before buying a new flavor 🙂

    1. Katie

      Quest is supposed to be sending me a box but I haven’t received it yet! I guess it’s a good thing because I would just sit there and eat the whole box lol. I hear it’s the best flavor yet! Cookie Dough is my ULTIMATE flavor 🙂

  5. Karla

    I got light headed when I saw your Quest bar stash! Haha! Love your blog!

    1. Katie

      oh my gosh I wish that was my stash. Although I’d just sit there and eat them all. I love quest!

  6. Janessa

    What all goes in your garlic/orange pepper harissa sauce? Is that a pretty obvious answer? lol I’ve just never tried harissa spice before.

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