Transformation Tuesday

Wow that was a Tuesday. I don’t know why I am always surprised when they smack me in the face. Whenever I dread work it’s fine, whenever I say to myself it’ll be okay, it’s awful. I just hate to live my life dreading things out of superstition!

At one point I just stopped all the madness and said okay I need to eat before I pass out. I need to fuel my body properly if I am going to get things done!

Once I left work I NEEDED the gym. Usually I take Tuesday’s off but when work is super crazy I need to let the steam go with a good workout. My energy level dropped around 3pm, but I made the most of it. Sometimes you just have to push yourself right?

Plus I had plans for glute day. This day is quickly becoming one of my favorites because I like coming up with new things to do for the backside. I’ve been on a kick lately where I am trying to get out of the same old routines and I’m making great progress doing it!


Speaking of progress, this is one of the first pictures I’ve ever taken of my back where I wasn’t wearing a sports bra. I was blown away at how much my hard work has paid off. Remember guys, if you set a goal you can do it! Just keep swimming!


No this didn’t happen overnight, and yes it takes time, but think about it, in a year you will look back and wished you had started.

IMG_7102 IMG_7108

Just a reminder, THIS is where I started:


Jamaica, December 2010



My transformation Tuesday. Yes I know it’s now Wednesday, but remember I type these the evening before, so it countsย ๐Ÿ™‚

I often look back at my time in my early to mid twenties and think why didn’t I start lifting then. But then I think everything happens for a reason and now is the right time for me. It’s nice to finally feel good about myself. No matter what your shape, this should be the case, but I feel the most confident and happiest at this point in my life.

So to get that back here are two exercises I do back to back that kill the traps, delts, rhomboids, and lats.

You can definitely see my delts working in the video, I’m curious to see my back! And sorry for the quality. It’s SO dark in my gym and I had to play with the exposure so I could be seen. And I also realized after it was all uploaded that the bar is cut off in the video. But I’m using a 45 lb bar (same as for the clean and presses) and I have a slight bend in my knee.

Moving back to my glutes. What did I do yesterday? Well a bunch of squats, box work, straight leg dead lifts, glute raises, and a few new fun things!

  • Plank kettle bell glute raises. In a plank position, balance your hands on a kettle bell in front of you. Raise one leg up and down. Repeat on the other side. 8 reps x 3 sets each side
  • Stability Ball Work. See the video below! Again sorry for the quality ๐Ÿ˜‰

Trying to balance your feet on a stability ball while in plank position is extremely difficult. Not only am I working my glutes, hamstrings, and calves here, but I am also working my core and arms by holding myself up! Full body workout over here.

I hope I’ve inspired you on this hump day! Try out these workouts ๐Ÿ™‚

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Seriously, you are one of my biggest inspirations. When I started to follow your blog, that is when I slowly started to love muscle. And now I look forward to my weight lifting days!! You’ve had such great progress. Have a great Wednesday ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Katie

      Thanks so much Chelsea! I actually wanted to post a picture of my back when I started this blog but forgot about it last night! I’ve changed so much even since you started following me! BUFF IS BEAUTIFUL!

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