Numbers Down

Well here I am 10 days into this prep. Yes it has gotten much easier by day 10. I am adjusted and me lugging around a suitcase of food is normal now.

First thing I did yesterday morning was step on the scale. I really didn’t want to know because Saturday I had my cheat day. I didn’t eat anything bad for me of course, just my portions at the end of the day weren’t very careful and I loaded up on the fruit.

So when I stepped on the scale I actually rubbed my eyes. Down again!? How can that be? My cardio has significantly decreased, as has my gym time. I work out an hour a day on work days, then 90 minutes on my days off. I did a little kick to the scale to make sure it was right and then hopped off.

111.6 pounds… I haven’t been this small in a very long time. That’s almost 5 pounds in 10 days! I honestly think I am starting to lose muscle, which is why I am not happy about it. My arms do not look as “jacked”, but my tummy is definitely flattening. After e-mailing my coach with my weight and concerns we both agreed I am losing it too fast since I still have 11 weeks to go. Therefore, we are going to be increasing my food intake even more and tuning down the cardio. I need to focus on building muscle right now, not losing pounds.

In the final weeks of competition prep is where you “lean” out and take off the excess weight. What you’re left with is beautiful muscle to showcase.

So treadmill, spin bike, and stair master will be in the background for a while so I can grow! It’s definitely going to be an interesting change for me, but if I am going to do this I am doing it right. I still plan on doing some cardio afterall, but probably taking it down to every other day or so.

Back to the day, I woke up to this beautiful view

Sunrise! If you look close enough you can see our reflections and Phoebe in the corner
Sunrise! If you look close enough you can see our reflections and Phoebe in the corner

Even though getting up at 4:30am is extremely difficult knowing I won’t be in my bed until 11pm or 12am again, just seeing this view in the morning helped me realize it’s worth it. I worked so hard during school and with my career to get where I am and now I get to enjoy life!

Work yesterday was not busy for me, since I was planning to up my calories I added some creamer to my coffee! What a dream. Nothing crazy though 😉

mmmm creamer
mmmm creamer

Here was meal one. Strawberries! I missed you

berry berry good!
berry berry good!

Look at the smile on my face for fruit…

fruit yay! all smiles
fruit yay! all smiles

I literally felt like I was eating all day long. And I was. Every 2 hours or so…

this is just one meal
this is just one meal, and somehow I’m always ready to eat again!

When it was time to go I changed for the gym and packed up my things. Work bag- check! Suitcase lunchbox- check!

Going somewhere?
Going somewhere?

It’s even worse in the mornings because I have a water and my gym bag, which I leave in the car.

At the gym I did triceps and chest. Same routines, just upping reps a bit and sets. I only did 20 minutes of cardio and it was a slow stair master session. Weight lifting is priority now!

Come on muscles grow, don't deflate on me
Come on muscles grow, don’t deflate on me

When I left the gym I knew I was heading home for a long walk with Phoebe so I stopped at Walgreens for a car snack!

AMAZING almonds! Taste like a BBQ chip. Not a lot of sodium either!
AMAZING almonds! Taste like a BBQ chip. Not a lot of sodium either!

Phoebe was really happy to see me when I came in and we walked a good bit. Best part of the day! The rest of the night was blogging and trying to stay awake. I was in bed by 10:15, RARE!

I’m taking today off from the gym. My body is usually beat by the third day of work and I need a rest.

11 weeks for this body to do it's THANG
11 weeks for this body to do it’s THANG

Have a great Wednesday, half way there 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns

    I love learning about all this. I find it interesting how just changing little things, your body will do different things, and sometimes it will change significantly. Beautiful view!!! Woohoo!!! 10:15!!!! Enjoy your day today 🙂

    1. Katie

      I know! As you know I am crazy healthy with eating habits and workouts and just switching things up has done wonders.

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