One Two Three… PANIC

For those of you who don’t know, I am not a world traveler. A big deal for me is a trip to Savannah with a gal pal, or hopping on a plane to a blog conference.


As I prepare to do the latter, I’m excited, yet starting to freak out.

Why you ask? It’s vacation girl! Chill out!

Oh if I only worked that way…

Ya see, I am SUPER TYPE A. I have to control every darn thing. I like organization, my daily schedule, and well if things don’t go on time you might as well knock me out because I freak the heck out. I hate when things start late, people arrive late, or when things take way longer than they are supposed to. I pretty much will look at my watch or phone and sigh louder and louder until the person magically appears or something begins. No it won’t make a difference, but somehow it makes me feel like I’m at least doing something about it.

So for this trip I’m giving up my normal schedule and I’m panicking 10 times more than I normally am because I am 10 weeks away from my bikini competition. Food is going to be a MAJOR issue. I’ve made list after list (no shock there) of how I can make this work. Here is what I have planned so far.

  • Protein powders and shakers (if all else fails I’ll live off of whey protein)
  • Quest bars
  • Balsamic vinegar in a water bottle (my dressing for prep). I’m sure I can get a salad with chicken anywhere.
  • Frozen foods to prep. Yes I’m going to make things, freeze them, place in a suitcase with towels and ice packs and say a prayer. I did this once before and it was fine, up until my suitcase was lost. It all turned out okay though and my food was still frozen 🙂 I only plan on freezing some turkey burgers and protein waffles
  • Rice cakes, PB fit
  • Almonds
  • And for the extra emergency….


Yep that’s baby food! I found these squeeze packs in the store today. Pure organic sweet potato. Why not? It’s just pureed. Mine would spoil, so this will do in a pinch! Think outside the box…Or… the crib 😉

ANY TIPS would be greatly appreciated on trying to stay healthy while so far away from home. I’m good on the exercise part. I have my days all mapped out with blog things, plenty of workouts, and even squeezing in my lifts at lunch (per coaches orders). I can’t mess up my training!

Speaking of training. I did back yesterday and if I’m 100% honest I haven’t been too sure about this prep. Am I going to get there? Are my calories too high? Then I compared pictures and let out a sigh of relief.

20140808-092043-33643651.jpg 20140808-092044-33644321.jpg

No I’m not as TINY as I once was, but that’s the good news! Not as tiny! MUSCLE BABY MUSCLE! It’s growing and in fact my waist is smaller than it was 10 weeks out from my first show.


On the left in the bikini I was 10 weeks out from my first show. On the right was 2 days ago, 10.5 weeks out. *sorry if these pictures offend anyone*

Some big changes in my upper back and waist a bit tighter. Believing in this process now. Time is on my side 🙂

So busy weekend for me as I get ready to go away on Wednesday. Today I have some blog business to take care of, a lift, and Friday Zumba with my ladies. Saturday I’m attending a local OCB show and I know this will get me extra pumped! Sunday is meal prep and packing for California. Always lots to do with not hours in the day.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you Monday!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,



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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Just breath, I’m the same exact way. But if I have my foods and my workouts done, that helps me a ton! I would say just bring your own food, but you’re already doing that :). Just make sure you have enough clean snacks so you don’t have to opt for something that isn’t as clean. But other than that, just try to have some fun, you deserve it girl 🙂 Have a great Friday 🙂

  2. Tam

    Don’t worry, I like to be in control too! I’m a big planner and often freak out with changing my routine. Change can be a good thing though, so think positively. Quest bars are so handy to pack and you can portion out protein powders easily. Have great time and just relax, all the best. Tam 🙂

  3. ariel

    ha i thought of you and this article yesterday, as i was stressing over weekend plans and their lack of proper organization (in my mind). for some reason, i am better at cutting loose on vacation. it’s here in my daily life that i NEED order. it drives me insane when friends want to make plans, but wont’ commit to a time! and “whenever” just doesn’t cut it for me. how can i plan my day around existing plans if i have no timeframes to work off of? maybe it’s just me lol.

  4. amyt

    I think the packing of food is a good idea…and you cannot go wrong with QUEST!!!! Question – are you doing the same type of Bikini Comp? I think I read – like I said…think…that you are wanting to put on more muscle this round? Is there a difference in this comp – I may have missed it where you said? Was just curious if this is the same type of show, or if you’re going for something different. I know a few girls around here some are in bikini….others are more hard core. You are looking awesome btw!!! 🙂 Keep up the good work!!

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