Day at the Dog Park

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday. Half way through the week, but I’m just starting mine so that’s why this is short today.

Last night I looked at the clock and panicked realizing I didn’t have any food packed. Luckily now there is ZERO weighing involved. I throw things in some Tupperware and go. It takes about ten minutes now. I will never be the person who can get up and put things together in the morning.

Anyway, I got caught up in a binge these past few days. Netflix… Netflixes… Netflixs? newest show. Oh whatever it is, you know what I’m trying to say 😉 Anyway I watched 13 reasons why and I couldn’t turn it off. No worries… no spoilers here. However, I will say my opinion changed greatly from the beginning of it to the end. I no longer think like a teenager, so I felt for the parents the most throughout the bulk series. The producers and writers did a very good job of making me think like a teenager towards the end and I thought it was very well done and moving. So if you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest it!

Moving on, big things for Hazel and Phoebe on Monday. We went to the dog park! Luckily our community has two dog parks that share a fence, a “big” dog park and then one for the little pups. Unfortunately we thought we’d be going in both, but Hazel turned out to be a little one after all (they said she’d be 40-50 lbs). My little torpedo just hit 15 lbs.

Running with dad!

There was a BIG dog on the other side and Hazel thought she’d be a brave girl and bark.

You can see that Phoebe knows Hazel made the wrong choice here…

Believe me, I was SUPER protective of my babies. Of course it came over to sniff Hazel and you can see Hazel FREAKED out. Poor little thing. He wanted to share his ball and Hazel just about pooped right there. 😉

Phoebe on the other hand has ZERO FEAR. Look at that little puffball go right up to him!

Okay, I sound like I was completely okay with this experience, but I was not. I kept screaming TONY KEEP THEM OVER HERE. I’m sure that dog was fine, but honestly I didn’t trust my own pups not to snap and then of course I couldn’t blame the German Shepard if he snapped in return. I can see I’m going to be a helicopter mom in the future if I’m already one with the dogs.

We did have a really great time though and the pups were definitely super tired after all the fun!

Look how happy Tony is with his girls!

I hope everyone has a great day. See you back tomorrow 🙂



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