Sexy is Officially Back

Okay I realize you guys think I am probably calling myself sexy… no I do not consider myself “sexy” at all. I trip when I walk, I spill coffee on me 90% of the time, and I have a pretty ugly cry and laugh. I just thought the title was fitting since I went to the JT concert and I am back in the blog game.

First let me say I am 100% okay with admitting this concert made my summer. I had been feeling a little down in the dumps and I literally woke up Thursday morning before my alarm at 4:30am WIDE EYED! It was Timberlake day, and nothing could get me down.

Work that morning was pretty busy for me and I just wish I could tell you guys about the fascinating case I was involved in, but it wouldn’t be professional of me, even without names. I did take a locker room picture and since it was Thursday, I uploaded a throwback Thursday picture to my Instagram account with a very old and funny JT picture. Remember when he looked this way? He was a baby!

tbt JT

I left around noon to run some errands before I had to get ready for the show. I pretty much skipped out of the hospital with a smile on my face blaring Justin the whole way home.

My outfit for the show was very “suit and tie”. I went black and white. I wish I could say by the end of the night I looked the same, but I didn’t.

suit and tie

Spray tan ready for JT!
Spray tan ready for JT!

My parents watched Phoebe for me and I was picked up by my homegirl Alexis. I swear we are going to be friends for life. Some people just click. We’ve never hung out outside of the gym before, besides her fitness show, because let’s face it I am a hermit. But oh my gosh we had fun together! Sometimes I can be a tad awkward, but we just laughed and talked the whole time. Even driving in we had fun and it was POURING. I was devastated and prayed it would let up. Around 7:30pm it stopped. Perfect timing. The show started at 8… well, excuse me. Mr. Timberlake and Mr. Carter did not appear until around 9:30ish, but it’s okay I knew it would be good!

We are READY for the men!
We are READY for the men!
The stage set up
The stage set up

We were also prepared with our NEON ponchos just in case… hey we like bright things.


When the guys came on they started with Holy Grail and I have to say I went a little nuts, as did everyone else. I am obsessed with this song and I kid you not probably listen to it about 15 times a day… if not more. If you haven’t heard it yet, I highly recommend you download it. I really like songs with powerful words rather than just a silly beat and “oohs and ahhs”, this one just clenches you!

"i just can't crack your code"
“I just can’t crack your code”

I didn’t take many too many pictures for several reasons. Number 1, I wanted to enjoy the show. Number 2, I didn’t bring my good zoom for my blog camera because I was afraid I’d get turned away. I guess things have changed with concerts now since everyone has a cell phone with a camera and video anyway. Β But here are some I did take!

loved all the colorful lights!
loved all the colorful lights!

there he is

The crowd was INSANE. M&T Bank stadium is HUGE (home of the Ravens-yay Baltimore hon).


Besides Holy Grail, my favorite songs were of course “Pusher Love Girl”, “Suit and Tie”, and “Cry Me a River”- it actually started raining on this one! Cool huh?

At one point in the show when JayZ was on, I thought okay I need to go to the bathroom. You guys know how these events are. The line was 40 minutes long for women, I tried the mens but there was a guy blocking it. Hey I didn’t care I totally would have done it. But then a man said there was one open with no line and girls took off. Let’s just say I am glad I am super fit. I blew those chicas out of the water.Β I took OFF sprintingΒ half way around M&T Bank Stadium, up steps, in a full quad workout. Seriously it was like I was at the Olympic trials, I was on a mission. I beat those girls by a mile and was back in no time. I didn’t miss a thing! Pays to be in shape πŸ˜‰

I was so happy with the whole show because the guys did so much together, even songs that weren’t theirs, and then traded off back and forth. It made EVERYONE happy and I was on my feet the entire time dancing and singing like a darn fool. I told Alexis I felt bad for the people around us because we were clearly having the most fun of everyone there. Here’s a little video of Jay-Z and Big Pimpin’

Yes we think we are extremely cool, I realize I am not.

When Justin came out and did Sexy Back, Β I got a little TOO excited. I jumped really high, banged my bad knee on the cup holder and chair in front of me, and immediately screamed. As my BFF DiPeppe would say, “it’s not a good concert unless someone gets injured”. So true πŸ™‚

my boo boo
my boo boo

The end of the show was fabulous, and everyone lit up the stadium with their cell phones. This was my favorite picture from the night!

Thank goodness I had on a tank top! It was so hot
Thank goodness I had on a tank top! It was so hot

It took us a very long time to get home. Traffic was pretty terrible, as you can imagine from the crowd picture. I didn’t get home until around 2am, I passed out the second my head hit the pillow. Ears ringing, throat sore, and JT on my brain!

So sad the show is over... it was a BLAST!
So sad the show is over… it was a BLAST!

I’ve been to quite a few concerts in my 28 years, but this one by far one of the best. Like I said, there was not a second that I wasn’t smiling from ear to ear and jumping up and down. Alexis was doing the same. Actually this was the first time she had been to a concert! Crazy huh? I had to break in the newbie and she said to me “I don’t know what to expect, so do they sing live?”. She’s kind of adorable isn’t she? πŸ˜‰

I ended up sleeping in until 11 am the next morning, got my life together, and had a pre-gym fluff!

Yes, I was listening to JT. That's suit and tie on in the background!
Yes, I was listening to JT. That’s suit and tie on in the background!

Then I hit the gym for leg day. I liked my outfit too. The highlighter lives on πŸ™‚ I will post my workout tomorrow for those who want to know what I did. It was intense!

Highlighter lady
Actually I had on mirrors while doing selfies, totally appropriate!


Tomorrow I will also announce the winners of the giveaways. Check your inboxes!

Have a great Saturday πŸ™‚

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns

    You just made me want to go to a JT concert!!! And now I’m pretty sure I’ll make it happen one day. Glad to hear you had a good time though πŸ™‚ Love the outfit, the brighter the better!

    1. Katie

      Haha you know me, gotta be bright at all times!

  2. Nicole

    Yay! Love this post:)

  3. tam

    glad you had a good time at the concert. I love going to see music concerts, really makes you appreciate their songs more hearing them live! Have good weekend! Tam x

    1. Katie

      Thanks Tam! Yes it makes you appreciate the music so much more πŸ™‚

  4. Brandy

    Love the throwback JT hahha… glad you had fun!!

    1. Katie

      hahaha yeah so crazy that was “cute”

  5. amyt

    way fun!!!! looks like a blast!!

    1. Katie

      It was! Wish I could relive it!

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