Shopping Difficulties

Hey everyone 🙂

Happy Monday and welcome back to the week!

Did you take part in national doughnut day on Friday? I did only virtually…


This weekend Tony and I hit the mall to find him a few shirts and I wanted to go to lulu of course. Now let me explain to you how difficult it is to find a shirt for this guy…


His arms fit in NOTHING. We have to buy three sizes up just to fit those things in a shirt, then the rest is so baggy around his waist. It’s basically the same problem I have with pants. Nothing fits my butt and quads, but then the waist is baggy. Every conversation was “will this fit your arms?”. “Nope” then we walked out of the store.

After searching every store in the mall we finally found some stuff at Champs sports.


And then TWO malls to find these shoes.


They are pretty cool, I’ll give Tony that. I have my eye on these babies…


I couldn’t see spending that much on shoes when I really wanted stuff from lulu, and that’s what I ended up getting 🙂


A new Free to Be Wild Bra. I’m SO EXCITED lulu finally makes these as a regular item. Back in the day I spent double the amount to get one off eBay. Now they make them in regular colors. Tony picked out this one. It’s very different, I love it!


And you can’t go wrong with a new pair of wunder unders. They are pretty much the only gym legging I will wear for leg days and heavy cardio. No sweat lines ever, they stay up, and they are super comfortable. I have NO affiliation with lulu (I WISH!), I just love a good product. I tried on a few different leggings but I didn’t like the fit. Wunder unders never fail me and they keep so well. These are navy.

Saturday we went out to dinner with some of our friends from the gym. We ended up going back to Abbey Burger in Baltimore. That was where Tony and I had our first date! I like to say he fell in love with me there, burger grease dripping down my arms 😉


They are hands down the best burgers in Baltimore, totally worth the cheat meal. Plus it brings back good memories of when Tony was a nervous fool 😛


He never looks at the camera… EVER

So I go it alone.

IMG_0808Look Ma! I brushed my hair 😉 

Isn’t this the cutest top? I had this sitting in my closet for so long with the tags on. It actually fits my arms because of the sheer stretchy material.


I plan on hitting the gym this evening for an arm workout. My least favorite to do, but I really need to work on my triceps. I’ll be back tomorrow with an updated workout for you guys. I am going to try to figure out how to make this fun and not like a chore.

Have a great day!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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