Sleep Issues

Hi Friends,

I had quite the nights rest on Monday night… or LACK there of. I couldn’t sleep because I could not turn my brain off about this NPC competition. It has nothing to do with the diet or exercise. I’m actually looking forward to that part, it’s the competition itself and the stigma with them. For people that don’t know much about NPC Bikini, they think it’s ditzy women parading around in a bikini. Little do they know how hard these women work to get their bodies in that type of shape!

Anyway I started to panic thinking do I really want that image for myself? I am normally a crazy feminist, I hate when a woman is judged for her appearance rather than her accomplishments. But in a way getting a body like that is an accomplishment. I almost said to myself that night “okay that’s it, I can’t go through with it”. Then I thought you know what this is FOR ME. Who cares what people think, I know I’m smart, I’m not surgically enhanced, and I’m not just a woman parading around in a glitter swimsuit. I am going to work hard for this body and I am going to show it off! And if I panic a week before the show and decide I don’t want to take part in it, I don’t have to. The challenge is in getting my body there, not walking on the stage with sass.

Moving on, yesterday I started my morning e-mailing my coach because I found out on Wednesday (today) I will be in the operating room all day! Eek. Not being able to move for 8 hours is not NPC friendly. I was worried about how my meals will work, so they suggested eating meals 1 and 3 before I go in and then 2 and 4 for the rest of my day. I think this will work for me. I might have a difficult time eating that much food at 7:30 am so I planned on eating meal 1 at 530 when I leave and then meal 3 at 730. Hoping this works out for me!

For meal one yesterday I had my greek yogurt and a DELICIOUS apple. On work days I can have fruit in the mornings and wow after 3 days of no fruit I inhaled it. You don’t realize how your senses change until you alter your diet. The apple tasted so sugary and sweet! It was like a candy bar to me. I know that sounds insane, but take away sugar for a few days and you will agree. But soon after I had a stomach ache šŸ™

Meal 1! Greek yogurt (a lot of it) and a sweet organic apple!
Meal 1! Greek yogurt (a lot of it) and a sweet organic apple!

Meal #2 came around and I was really looking forward to it because I was hungry! Look how big this meal is!

looks like a BIG lunch but because it's 4 meals instead of 5 my portions increase
looks like a BIG lunch but because it’s 4 meals instead of 5 my portions increase. Lots of veggies, lots of quinoa, and chicken!

The rest of my day went pretty smooth. I was able to play in the OR for a bit and before I knew it time was up! Ready to hit the gym.

Day 4, let's do this!
Day 4, let’s do this!

I hit another leg day, same routine as the day before and did 25 minutes of the stair master. I did intervals to keep my heart rate going instead of a steady climb. I was so yucky after!

And you know I hit my smith machine šŸ˜‰

Always a smith girl. Hitting those lunges!
Always a smith girl. Getting in those lunges!

When I came home Phoebs was over the moon to see me. We had spent 4 days together and she had withdrawals while I was at work. I was pretty happy to see her too.

We made a delicious prep dinner of chicken breast (well my dads smoked, reheating it doesn’t really count as cooking I guess), asparagus, and a salad.

I make my own prep vinaigrette that is super healthy and delicious! It's so simple, I'll feature it this weekend.
I make my own prep vinaigrette that is super healthy and delicious! It’s so simple, I’ll feature it this weekend.

Then I attempted to fall asleep for a little bit because I am WIPED from this prep! I mean I can barely keep my eyes open. I fell asleep for about 10 minutes because Phoebe won’t let it happen. She barks and huffs in my face until I open my eyes. Wow my dog is wonderful isn’t she?

And then after I got up she fell asleep under the couch… BRAT!

Today is another day, as I said a LONG OR day and hoping to get all my meals in. Can’t wait till the clock strikes 4:30!

My blog might be lacking these next few days because the big move is TOMORROW! So trying to get everything done in time and I still have an entire apartment to pack up… eek!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Caitlin

    Hope all goes well with the move!! X

    1. Katie

      Thanks Caitlin! I’m ready but nervous! Okay I’m mentally ready, but not prepared at all lol

  2. Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns

    Hahaha she just wants to spend time with you šŸ™‚ I’m doing the same thing, cutting fruit out for a while. Woohoo the moving day is finally here!!! Hope today goes by fast!!!

    1. Katie

      She does. So spoiled! The second I open my eyes she is fine. I close them and ‘ARF!”

    2. Anesa

      is it bad to eat a lot of fruits

      1. Katie

        No, not at all! I ate fruit all the time. Multiple times a day. Just for this show he has me cutting down some because I am trying to achieve a different look. I’ve been small this whole time eating a lot of fruit!

        1. Anesa

          I’m wondering i might sound dumb with this question but what’s the different on eating fruits while doing a prep or just mantaining

          1. Katie

            Basically fruits are carbs which turn into sugars. He wants me as lean as possible and cut out my fruit for this reason. Once I’m done prep tho I’m def going back to eating them. It’s not realistic for me and I keep good
            Shape while eating them!

  3. tam

    hello! Is it bikini or figure you are going to be competing in? What are the main differences between them? I have to admit I am intrigued by the whole program. Hope the move goes well, exciting. Tam

    1. Katie

      Bikini. Basically bikini competitors are super lean and have beautiful muscle but not really big and bulky. Figure is the bulkier women and they flex to show everything. I just do certain poses to show off my body rather than insane flexing. Bikini is sex appeal!

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