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Happy Happy Friday! Happy Happy Friday! (done in song)

Not only is it Friday, but it’s a holiday weekend! So my three days off has turned into 4 days off. Plus only 2 days on the job next week due to the big move. Sweet deal.

I seriously waited for this day for the past 3 weeks. I had no idea though that my entire Thursday would be in the operating room. I helped out with a tummy tuck that started around 8:30am and I didn’t get out until after 4pm. Holy moly. My knees were shot, I was starving, and then I panicked thinking how am I going to do this bikini comp prep not being able to move or eat for 8 plus hours.

Luckily I knew the kind of case I was going into, so I loaded up on food before I went in (it was supposed to end at 2pm though- I anticipated 3pm, which turned into 4pm).

Old school food! Cottage cheese and preserves. I wanted one last hurrah with this! It was a HUGE tub of it too
Old school food! Cottage cheese and preserves. I wanted one last hurrah with this! It was a HUGE tub of it too. I can eat cottage cheese but I can’t use the preserves.

I also had a banana and a quest bar. Carbs to last me!

9 hours later I came out and ran to the fridge in my office. Luckily it was almost time for me to go so I just marked no lunch and left 20 minutes early. In the halls I opened my lunch box and went to town on the chicken and veggies.

Super dark sorry. My office is in the "dungeon" near the operating rooms and it gets dark on the ground floor
Super dark sorry. My office is in the “dungeon” near the operating rooms and it gets dark on the ground floor

When I came home I closed all the blinds and passed out in my bed. I actually made pretty embarrassing sounds when my body hit the mattress. I could feel every muscle and bone aching from standing in that one spot all day (and at a weird angle too) and I did the old lady moans and groans of old achey bones. Phoebe jumped around a bit but I was able to sleep for an hour before the fluff ball jumped on my chest and told me to get up.

After inhaling more food (I made pita pizzas with goat cheese and organic pizza sauce on a flax seed pita)….


I used organic pizza sauce for this. I found it at safeway. My favorite brand is organicville
I used organic pizza sauce for this. I found it at safeway. My favorite brand is organicville

I decided to take some PRE PREP pics. Normally this would embarrass me so much, I’d be incredibly insecure and would freak out if anyone saw these. BUT I have to build confidence and self esteem if I am going to strut my stuff in front of a bunch of people and judges while wearing a bikini.

Plus I needed base pictures to see where I started and where I end in 12 weeks!

abs no more. I ate and haven't been drinking a lot of water (bad), so they aren't exactly there
abs no more. I ate and haven’t been drinking a lot of water (bad), so they aren’t exactly there
But I have lots of time to get them there!
But I have lots of time to get them there!

I think I am starting off on the right foot. Already lean and toned, just need to really tighten up some and build more muscle.

I e-mailed my coach back and forth yesterday and he was able to provide a meal plan for me with a workout plan. Luckily, it looks like it will not be too drastic because I already workout and eat pretty healthy. He reshaped my workouts a bit and told me some of the moves I do are “foofy” and will not help me to build muscle. Was I insulted? Okay maybe a little, BUT he is the expert so I am going to listen and not get offended.

Also, as far as the meals go this plan is made solely FOR ME. Since I am paying him for a service, unfortunately I cannot share the exact meal plan (which will be hard for me because I usually share this with you guys). I point out that it is for me not to be a brat, but because it literally is made for my hectic work life that most people do not have. Most meal preps do 6 small meals a day with lots of lean meats. Unfortunately this is not practical for me, so on work days he has me doing 4 meals with protein shakes to supplement some of the lean meat meals, and then non-work days I will do 5 meals. So just because this works for me doesn’t mean it would work for you. Like I mentioned these past few days I had to fill out a detailed questionnaire of my daily life and food history so he knew how to build my meal plan.

My workouts are definitely going to be different too. He has decreased my cardio quite a bit because he says it is preventing me from building muscle and slows down my metabolism (I had no idea). I’m already learning so much just through e-mail. I definitely feel like I made the right choice with this journey and this coach!

So today is going to be my FIRST weigh in as a base for my prep. I have to e-mail him and his wife (they do this together) every Tuesday and Friday with my weights to track my progress. I’m actually nervous about stepping on the scale because I know I’ve gone up a bit due to the diet changes and lack of water. I think it’ll come off quickly though.

Then I am having a cheat meal extravaganza at G-Mama and Pop Pops. Woo Hoo! I probably won’t be able to eat a lot because my body is not used to it. So just one yummy meal which I will probably end up regretting because it will kill my insides. Such a mental game šŸ˜‰

Tomorrow it all starts! GO BIG OR GO HOME!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns

    Wooohoooo I’m so excited! This guy sound hardcore, but in a good way! At least the change won’t be too much, that’ll make it easier for you, and you won’t be craving all the wrong foods like most people I hear about doing these competitions! Happy Friday, enjoy your cheat meal šŸ™‚

  2. tam

    Good Luck with all your competition work, I am sure you will do fine! In regards to abs, do you have any advice on how to get them toned and lean? How often is best to train them, I worry I work them too much as they are my trouble area ( I fixate on them unfort šŸ™ ) I often feel as soon as I eat something, I bloat, Any help? Thanks

    1. Katie

      Unfortunately no ab exercise gets them lean. My coach doesn’t even have me doing abs! It’s all about diet. I do however feel like I work the area the most when I do planks! Not too much of a fan of crunches. Also pilates leans me out!

  3. Ayla

    I’m curious what exercises he considers “foofy”?

    1. Katie

      ha, I’m not sure. he didn’t say! Probably my arm circles and stuff because they lean out my arms rather than build muscle!

  4. Mel

    Keep up the good work girl! You look great! I love that you work so hard and you are not ashamed of it. I hate it when people try to downplay their hard work and act like it all comes natural. You are a great inspiration:-)

    1. Katie

      THANK YOU! I also hate when women say oh I can eat whatever I want… nope I work my bum off and I am PROUD and admit it!

  5. Hayley

    This is kind of a silly question but what brand of cottage cheese do you use and do you get the non fat? I am scared to try it but I want to! The texture just kind of weirds me out!

    1. Katie

      I buy either lucerne (safeway) or friendship brand. I get the low fat 1% milk fat and PREFER no salt added. Sometimes I cannot find it so I’ll look for the lowest sodium I can find.

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