Taking Requests

Hello everyone!

It’s Tuesday, and I didn’t really get a chance to sit down last night and write a full blog for you, so I’m asking for YOUR help today. Well sort of…

I’ll be gone from August 13th-17th for a blog vacation in Anaheim, California, so I’ve asked for a little help from my blog friends (blends) to write a few guests posts for me while I’m gone. These will all be fitness related things.

Anything in particular you guys would like to read or learn about? I already have a running post and a yoga post lined up. I really want my blog to expand a bit and have you reading more than “oh here I am lifting a weight”. šŸ˜‰

Leave any suggestions below or send them my way through any of my social media channels or e-mail.



Because bright pink lipstick is very Cali… well in my mind it is!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Adriana

    I would love some half marathon training tips/advice/recommended food choices!

  2. Maisie

    I would love to hear some reviews on Crossfit. I see a lot of people are doing it now and it kinda looks like fun!

  3. Amanda

    I would love to hear some advice/opinions on how to figure out how many calories you should be eating a day based on you level of activity. I feel like as soon as I go over the 1200-1400 mark a day (like on the weekends!) I gain weight or at least am very bloated and feel like blah. I would like to still lose some weight however I feel like such a low caloric intake is just unrealistic to maintain and isn’t the best for me. What’s the best way to increase my calories without putting on the pounds??

    1. amyt

      Agree with the calorie intake…..advice on proteins – how much should you…….

      1. Meredith

        I third the calorie/ nutrition advice, I also have to do 1200-1400 calories to lose, it sucks. Or do insane amount of exercise and with three kids I’m struggling to get in30-60 min a day. I use to do 2-3 hrs, oh the single days lol.

        Marathon info would be nice too.

        1. Katie

          Okay I am going to work on a nutrition article!!! I’d rather it come from me šŸ˜€

  4. Colleen @ Keep it Real Clean

    I second the idea of running/half marathon. I just signed up for my first half (eeek!). Also, maybe if you have any good ideas for cross training. Always trying to mix it up!

  5. L.U.

    Wow, have a great time in Cali! Maybe one about bikini competitions in general, like what to consider before signing up and stuff like that? Also I loved your meal prep article so maybe something about food?

    As for the request for an article about calories, I think that there are a lot of online calculators out there that you can use; once you get your BMR (basal metabolic rate, ie how much you’d burn just lying in bed all day) you can multiply by 1.2 to get your sedentary calories (how much you’d burn without really working out, just sitting and standing and stuff) and then add your exercise calories to get your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). A pound of fat is 3500 calories (in general – people tend to lose a little bit of muscle when they lose fat, depending on how much protein they’re getting and how much weight training they’re doing and stuff like that), so if you want to lose 1 lb per week, you’d eat TDEE minus 500 and if you want to lose 2 lbs per week that would be TDEE minus 1000 and so on. Of course, you should probably go see a doctor to make sure there aren’t any underlying medical issues you need to deal with.

  6. Johanna Lee

    I really love seeing the workouts you do. So you may think that talking about lifting all the time gets old but it doesnt! I use your workout ideas all the time! And thank you for posting them!

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