The 2 Faces of Almond Milk

Well hello there, welcome to my nightmare week…

Okay sorry to start off on the negative, but my work week is going to be pretty terrible. Big deep breaths right? And do what I can? That’s all I can go with right now.

Me working as a regular gal is a reason many of my followers stick with me. The majority of fitness blogs out there, that’s their job, this is my hobby. I would absolutely love to make it a job, but right now it’s just Phoebe and I, so I don’t have the means to do it yet. Yes, I’m insanely jealous of the girls who can do it, but I also am proud of my education and how hard I worked to be able to do what I do everyday.

I would now like to bring attention to something long overdue. The 2 faces of almond milk. I use almond milk pretty much in every darn recipe. Dairy and I do not mix and it’s also a good healthy low calorie swap for when milk is needed in things. I’ve been known to use it here and there in hot coffee during prep to avoid creamer, but the truth is I really do not care for almond milk hot. If you’re like me and do not like your coffee with almond milk, well I say to you have you tried it cold?


Yes, cold! Iced coffee.

The flavor is TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Why? Really I’m asking you why. I’m not sure the answer. I do know that cold almond milk is the good twin and hot almond milk is the evil twin.

When you drink it iced it has a sweet refreshing milkshake-like flavor. Hot it tastes more like burnt almonds… no thanks.

So this weekend I froze brewed coffee to make these adorable little heart shaped iced cubes for my cold almond milk. Iced coffee that doesn’t get watered down!


I added a little liquid stevia and ta-da!


Okay so maybe mine is a cup of almond milk chilled and some coffee ice cubes thrown in… BUT it’s so great cold and only 30 calories? Can’t beat it! Great for a warm summer morning šŸ™‚


What else did I get into this weekend? Well I hit some pretty serious gym sessions wearing my “creeper shield”. Does it work? Well sometimes, but if you still get talked to you can at least blame it on “oh I didn’t see you under my hat”… fit girl trick šŸ˜‰

20140616-070308.jpg 20140616-070142.jpg

I also made this amazingly delicious almond bark for my dad for Father’s Day.

20140616-070222.jpg 20140616-070235.jpg 20140616-070245.jpg 20140616-070152.jpg

Phoebe and I are a tad cheesy, so I said she came up with the idea when I asked her what we should give Pop Pop and she said “bark”. Yes, we aren’t afraid to admit we are giant nerds. Really though, Pop Pop loves almond bark! I snuck a bite and it was really good. Dangerous though.

Hoping to have my e-book done this week. It’s so much work, I had no idea.

Have a great day šŸ™‚

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. tam

    I have just starting using almond and coconut milk to put in my smoothie and protein shakes. I still have regular milk too as thankfully my stomach seems to suit dairy (I love my greek yogurt!). Your biceps look amazing, I struggle to see any gains in my arms, do you have any tips? Thanks.
    Happy to hear your ebook is coming along nicely, look forward to seeing the finished draft.
    All the best, Tam x

  2. Catherine

    Almond bark YUM!!!! That’s the perfect snack! My husband and I make up songs about our dog, so we’re equally as dorky šŸ˜‰

  3. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Yum! That bark is such a great idea!! I might have to use it for next year, or just make a healthy dessert for the next holiday!

  4. scarinkaren

    You are genius!! Love the iced coffee idea! Love those arms too!!

  5. Colleen @ Keep it Real Clean

    TOTALLY AGREE with the almond milk cold vs hot!! I love love love it in iced coffee, but hot bah. Not interested. I’d rather go with black coffee. I sub coconut cream or coconut milk when I want hot coffee and use almond milk with iced. Love it!

    1. Katie

      Yes it’s sooo good! Coconut milk is really good with smoothies and oatmeal. Makes it extra creamy!

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