Thursday Things

Hi everyone!

First of all I want to say I love you to the man who has made me the happiest girl alive for these past 6 months. I knew all this time I was waiting for the right guy to show up, I just had to be super patient. I know we have a great future ahead of us Tone 🙂


Now that the mushy stuff is out of the way…

Did anyone else out there get the new Twilight book? I ran right to the bookstore yesterday to pick it up! I felt the excitement when I held the book in my hands. It was like no time had passed and I was back to the characters I loved. I was applying to PA school when I first started reading the twilight series and as cheesy as it can be, I don’t care to admit I am a huge Twilight fan. As I type this, I’m drinking out of my Breaking Dawn souvenir cup I got at the theater.


See 😉

This story is basically the first Twilight book rewritten. The clumsy pale teenager who moves to Forks is now a boy named Beau, and the seductive beautiful vampire is now a girl, Edythe.


I dug right in once we hit the car! I will be savoring this book because there are no more to be read after this. I’m only allowing myself to read it on days off work.


Even though I’m 30, I’m a sucker for these goofy novels and I don’t care. Whatever makes you happy right?

Speaking of happy. This little one is the happiest pup I know! And yesterday marked 3 years since I went and picked her up.


She’s grown into a beauty that’s for sure, although she is still a crazy little thing.


Today I am back at my normal routine. Tuesday after work my body was just BEAT so I said “okay body you win”. My sleep hasn’t been the best so I decided I needed the day. If you are like me and do shift work I completely understand how hard it is to try and workout after work. It seems IMPOSSIBLE. But you can do it!

My favorite way to get in my workouts on those days are doing cardio and plyo bursts. In case you’ve missed me talking about those here’s what it entails.

  • 3 minutes on ANY cardio equipment
  • Jump off, do one minute of plyos
  • Back on the cardio for 3 minutes
  • Keep repeating until you hit 25-30 minutes or more.

Not only does it make time FLY by, but you’re heart rate goes through the roof. Plus it helps toning those extra trouble spots and tightens things up.

My favorite plyos to do during these bursts:

  • Jump squats
  • Jumping side lunges
  • Running in place
  • High knees
  • Jumping jacks
  • Wide stance run in place/ back kicks

Incorporate this with a few sets of your lifting plan and you have yourself a workout you can do within 45-60 minutes!


If you don’t have a lifting plan it’s not too late to purchase my 30 day challenge. You can pick ANY time to do this. No time limit! There is a detailed workout plan inside 🙂

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I hope you have a great Thursday! I hope to be back tomorrow but if I’m not you know I’m working late 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. amyt

    I admit….I read the Twilight books as well…..I refused at first – but gave in. They were a very easy read. Try the Fever series by Karen Moning – there are 7….and she just did a 8th (which I haven’t read) I poured through these books – the best series I’ve read by far. Silly I know…but I had a hard time reading after these…nothing compared. I had to take a break……I do like the Gillian Flynn books (Gone Girl, Dark Places, and Sharp Objects)

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