Monday Grind

Hi everyone!

Wow did that weekend go fast! Anyone else feel me on this one? I am not going to lie, I am feeling a wee bit overwhelmed lately, like I can’t keep up with life. Just not enough hours in the day lately. Not sure how I ever thought I could do a prep at this time. I guess I was a little optimistic 😉

On Saturday Tony and I hit the town to celebrate 6 months together. Every time we go anywhere it’s always a good time, no matter what it is! I hope everyone out there finds someone they love to be around 🙂


The rest of our weekend was gym, and me working on some blog related things.

These past 2 weeks I’ve been super good about getting in the gym even if things are hectic. I’m seeing a little bit of progress which is nice!



I’m also excited to say Tony and I have booked our flight to Seattle! I’m sure you guys know this already but Seattle is where Sarah, my blog BFF lives. We are going for 4 days next month and I cannot wait to explore and see the city. Of course Sarah knows her way around, but for those of you who have been or live in the area, what are some MUST SEE things or MUST EATS? We have a few places in mind and Tony is on the hunt for the perfect doughnut.


You know I’ll be hitting up the original Starbucks. I cannot wait to get my hands on all the coffee!


We also need a good gym! We found a Golds but any other recommendations?

Our trip is actually booked for the weekend of a BIG local NPC show here in Maryland. It was the show I originally planned on, and I really just wanted to get away from that world for a little bit. Some may say I’m running away, but I’m just choosing to distance myself a bit because I believe it’s he healthiest option for me at this time. 🙂

But anyway, we definitely have a lot to look forward to in November. It’ll be our first time traveling together. I can’t wait!

Have a great Monday. I’ll see you soon.

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Kirsten

    I was going to suggest the first Starbucks! Pike’s Place market is cool and so is the Seattle Aquarium! I got to do all of those things on my first visit to see my best friend out there!!

  2. Katie

    My boyfriend and I going on our first trip together to Seattle in December! Please do share all of the great finds you come across while you’re out there 🙂

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