Time to Chill

Good Morning Friends 🙂

Yesterday I said my final goodbyes to my surgery job and went on my way. New life coming through!



I did spend a little of my day stretching out too. Yikes my quads hurt! I had to take advantage of the morning a bit after writing my notes so I could actually walk the rest of the day. Lately I feel like I’m limping everywhere.


Now is the time for me to relax a bit, work on some things I’ve been meaning to get to forever, and enjoy some Minnie and Phoebe time.

Speaking of Phoebe… we kind of do this embarrassing dance on Thursday nights where I walk in from the gym and I say “It’s our weekend! 3 whole days together!” And Phoebe jumps around on her little hind legs, tongue hanging out. Well this time I said “it’s our weekend! We have a few weeks together!”. I swear she understood me and was SUPER excited. Mommy all to herself.


Mid Jump


The other day I was reading some interesting facts about nutrition and workouts. You can find advice on what to eat before or after a workout on any website, but did you know it differs for men and women? Women’s Running did a great article on nutritional needs for women and I wanted to bring attention to it here.

  • Two weeks before a menstrual cycle estrogen and progesterone levels are at their highest, the body experiences an 8% drop in plasma volume which can lead to less body cooling. What does this mean? Your body’s temperature is increased even before you workout. You become fatigued more quickly and over-heated, so drink that cold water!
  • 5 days before a menstrual cycle estrogen is very high, altering the use of carbohydrates and increasing your respiratory rate. So if you feel like you are getting tired more quickly or can’t hit that maximum effort, think of this as the culprit. The solution? Hydrate with a little glucose or sucrose before hitting it hard.
  • Fueling up after a workout, the window is shorter for women than men. In order to rebuild muscle and replenish nutrients, you need to eat after you workout! For women it’s 90 minutes, for men, they have up to 3-6 hours. Talk about unfair… If you don’t eat within this time period you will be hungry for the rest of the day, all day. This makes so much sense to me now. Eat some protein and a nice carb!

Some things to think about for sure. I know sometimes after the gym I like to do some errands before heading home, and I’m often guilty of not fueling my body properly. That hunger sure does last all day as a consequence!

I do love me some carbs…

Today I will be out doing some errands. Have a great Wednesday and remember to fuel your body!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,



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  1. Chelsea @ Raw N' Toned

    I always thought the window was 30 minutes!! Nice to know that I have more time!!

    1. Alisa

      Same here, I was told it was 20 minutes! I’m always on a rush home from the gym thinking “I gotta get my protein!’ It’s kind of nice to know that its actually 90 minutes.

      1. Katie

        Me too! I literally rush from my moms house some days to pick up Phoebe so I can go eat. More time= YES!

    2. Katie

      Yeah I thought 60 at the latest myself! Woo!

  2. amyt

    thanks for the tips!! wasn’t sure about the window…sometimes I hit it…sometimes ehhhhhh not so much.

    1. Katie

      Yeah I don’t always hit it myself. I try though.

  3. Tamara

    Do you keep a protein drink or something in a cooler in your car, so you can have it immediately after a workout? What is better, a protein drink or an actual meal after a workout? Lastly, if you have a protein drink, should you still eat some small meal when you arrive home?

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