Kid in a Candy Store

Hello everyone.

Yesterday I had the first day of “stay-cation”. I decided to go on the hunt for new work clothes, particularly PANTS. Per recommendations, I hit up Nordstrom rack! I did find 3 awesome tops for only $29. I paid $6-$11 a piece, it was quite the steal. I also picked up a few cute jewelry items, but no pants 🙁

I have some time to find a few pairs, but nothing fits me correctly. Previously I had the problem that everything was too long. Most places now make petite or short now, but still nothing fits in the bum. I get the lovely waist gap and baggy crotch… FAIL!

I’m proud to say though that I walked out with ZERO workout clothes. I’ve never done that before. I looked briefly and walked away. Stay strong Katie, stay strong.

However, I was not strong enough to resist this new candy store in my mall, Lolli and Pops. It was pure torture, but I had to look!

When I walked in the woman asked me if I’d ever been in before. When I said no, she told me all about the different rooms. There was the vintage candy room, the chocolate room, and in the back? The gummy room.




My eyes got huge when I looked around. Look at this stuff!


Do you guys remember candy cigarettes? I realize this is terrible, but man did I love those as a kid!


This jawbreaker was the size of softball.


THESE. Okay. If someone said to me if you could make up a sweet in your head, what would it be? This is exactly what it would be. It’s pink and it has sprinkles. I actually sent the picture to my friend Ariana and she said “where is that from!?”. I replied: “Heaven”. So really what is it? A birthday party truffle. White chocolate and fudge center, dark chocolate, pink chocolate, sprinkles, topped with a jelly bean.

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE anything birthday cake or cake batter like. I’m about to be super “basic” as they say nowadays, but I CAN’T EVEN!



Puppy truffles? Are you serious?


These are rice krispies treats. They remind me of the one I had in Savannah on a stick! I remember I was SO SICK the next morning. It was a sugar hangover.


This peanut butter cup is the size of my hand.

I then entered The Royal Gummy room….


The sign says to rub his belly for good luck. You know I did it!


This right here is just my dream come true. I enjoy chocolate like the rest of the world, really I do, but from a small child I have LOVED sour gummies. The straws, the belts, the fruit snacks. My inner 8 year old came out full force.


30 minutes later and I left with gum. I stayed strong!

I will be coming back for you Lolli and Pops… I’m still watching what I’m eating for my vacation this spring, but after that you are all mine!

I’m happy I didn’t cave, because I knew I had a lift to get in. Back day would not have been fun with a belly full of sugar.


I should probably get a new hat… but ya know I’m “The girl in the Maryland hat”.

I’ll see ya guys tomorrow 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Brianna E

    Oh my goodness that place looks like a little piece of sugary filled Heaven. Way to go with staying strong. I wouldn’t not have triumphed quite as well.

    1. Katie

      YEAH IT WAS! I’ve already made plans for a cheat when that happens 😉

  2. Chelsea @ Raw N' Toned

    Oh dear god! I’m so happy that store is no where near me! I want those rise krispies!! Those will always have a special place in my heart!! And I feel you on the pants problem. I’ve had that same problem for a while, I just gave up and don’t wear pants anymore hahahaha.

    1. Katie

      I don’t know what I was doing in there. Pure torture, but also fun. I’ve seen places like that in NYC but nothing so close to home. DANGER DANGER!

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  4. amyt

    Nordstroms Rack is soooo awesome!!! I heart it. That candy store looks amazing and yes I remember those candy cigs…lol when you blew through the paper it looked like smoke….we would pretend we were smoking…thought it was soooo cool – ha! btw…I’ve always had problems with pants…to fit my butt and legs – they would swallow my waist…I used to shop at GAP and get reverse fit – now I get “low” cut….it works better…still have that gap in my waist though……the struggle.

    1. Katie

      Yes, I can remember many days hanging out in the neighborhood eating those lol. I haven’t tried GAP yet, that’s my next place since they have short and petite 🙂

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  6. Jasmine Windom

    What?!! You have had a Lolli and Pops since 2015?! We just got one last year!!! (Saint Louis) OMG I’m in love with the Coconut Clusters and the Crispy Cakes!!!

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