Top That Photo Fire

Hello everyone!

Just when I think I’ve turned the corner away from the sickness, it came back and hit my in the face! I’m happy to say though that I finally caved and I am going to a real doctor to figure out why I’m so sick all the time. Medical providers can be the worst patients!

Moving on,

I started playing this game with two of my coworkers… and it’s a bit silly, but tons of fun. Basically you go on google image and find the funniest, most awkward photo you can and send it via text. We try to top one another with all the fun finds 🙂 Things quickly escalated because we did a rapid fire of funny pictures.

It started as men that were overly hairy.. I’ll spare your eyes on that one, then developed into awkward photos of men with cats.

Then it was weird family photos

And just plain weird….

I have to say I definitely snorted at some of the entries. People gave me weird looks at the gym when I started cracking up. MOST of the ones sent are not very blog friendly… but you can use your imagination.

My entry was by far my favorite one today.

Seriously, what beats a family of monkeys in overalls? NOTHING FOLKS! NOTHING!

So if you want to lighten the mood and have a little fun I highly suggest this game to your friends. I call it Top That Photo Fire 

At the gym I hit glutes. I did a lot of superset work to make it short and sweet and followed up with 25 minutes of cardio. As you guys know my favorite exercise to work my glutes is cable kickbacks. I changed it up this time and used a yoga box on the opposite foot to give myself an extra boost.


Doing this added a longer sweep in my kickback creating a better range of motion and tighter squeeze. In fact I had to go lighter than normal. I did 8 reps on each side for 5 sets. Phew what a burn!


You can change up the way your leg is, but I kept a slight bend in the knee with my toe pointed.



I have to say I’m super happy it’s Thursday. I am going to try to cram in as much as possible and have a nice weekend and get in some awesome workouts. Even though I’m sick I refuse to stay home!

I’ll be back tomorrow. Enjoy your day 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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