Weekend Festivities

Hey everyone! Happy Monday.

For those of you over in the good ol’ USA we are blessed with a short week because of Thanksgiving. I’m not really sure how my week is going to go AT ALL and it is driving me crazy. I was summoned to jury duty starting Tuesday so I won’t know until the night before if I’m in or out. Minnie not knowing her weekly schedule? Yeah, it’s making me tick a bit…

I’m happy to say that I FINALLY went to the doctors. After some kicking and screaming I figured maybe I should see someone. I was the perfect patient too. The doctor put the camera down my nose to look at my throat and I didn’t move an inch. I’m sure most people squirm all over the place. In fact, I KNOW THEY DO. We put nasogastric tubes down people all the time at work and it is a pain. Vocal cords and throat was normal, which was a relief. My tonsils of course are disgusting, even when I’m not sick, I’ve always been told by every doctor that they are huge and not pleasant. I also had a lengthy hearing test and I do have some hearing loss, more so in the right ear, but hopefully it’s from being sick and all clogged up!

We discussed options and of course it’s not normal for me to be so sick all the time with a sore throat. My doctor seems to think it’s all coming from my reflux. After he said it I realized what a dummy I am. I’ve suffered for years and a few months ago I went off all medications because I was scared of side effects. Reflux is probably the culprit of my sore throats nightly… how did I miss that?

Surgery would be one option… to take out my tonsils, but obviously if it’s my reflux I am still going to get sore throats. I’d be cursing everyone that I went through a surgery for nothing. So we decided to try medications for 6 weeks and see how I do. I’m praying it all resolves this way because getting your tonsils out at 29 is NOT like getting them out at 5 years old. Recovery is longer, more painful, and it just plain SUCKS.

So that was my Friday morning. In the evening I went to dinner. I’ve been using my curling wand a lot lately and love the wavy look! For a minute I thought I would go straight. Which one do you think looks better?



This is the brand I have for anyone interested.

Anyway I had a giant pasta cheat meal, bucatini with shrimp and lobster (HELLO!) and yes I had two glasses of amazing wine that tasted like butter. I’m PRETTY darn sure I accidentally ordered from the $108 bottle… whoops, no wonder it tasted so good.

I’ll skip the part about who I went with… let’s just say we’ve all been there! And while I’m sure you would love to hear those types of details I’d rather save everyone the embarrassment. At least I looked the part 😉


The best part of my weekend came on Sunday. If you’ve been following me a while, you remember Patricia. We met when I first started my surgery job and she was a medical student, now blogger too! Fast forward to now and she’s one of my dearest friends! She even came to see me compete. I am still floored over that. Sitting in the audience for one of those shows is a HUGE deal. They are long, sometimes boring, and you see a lot of other categories you have no interest in seeing. So for someone to sit and wait to see you, that’s someone who truly loves you.


She was interviewing for pathology residency at Penn State (Smarty pants), so we met up for lunch in Baltimore! It was so good to see her. I’ve missed her so much 🙂


Whenever I’m stressed or down on myself I know I can turn to her for support. She is the most positive person I know and has an amazing outlook on life, no matter what she has been through. I admire her so much and I’m grateful to call her my friend. I did have to give her a little lulu good luck present!



Side note: the guy who took this picture? Well he had NO idea where Arizona is located. He said to Patricia “Where are you from?” When she said Arizona he said “where is that?”. The look on my face…

My gym sessions this weekend consisted of shoulders, legs, and chest and triceps on Sunday. I had to break up Sundays workout since I woke up later than I anticipated. I guess my body really wanted that sleep.


I’ve been sticking to the main exercises for triceps- rope pulldowns, overhead rope extensions, tricep kick backs using a dumbbell, and overhead extensions using a dumbbell. I feel the burn the most with these 🙂

In the evening I hit the stepmill for a longer session than normal. I needed to burn that pasta off!


If I have on a hoodie, chances are I feel guilty about a cheat meal I had. Sweat out that butter and cream sauce!

My evening was spent snuggling with Phoebe. I always get a tad weepy on Sunday nights because we spend SO much time together on weekends and I barely see her during the week.


That face…

Have a great Monday!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,



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  1. Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

    I know your reflux pain! I have a condition where my (something or other) doesn’t ever close in my throat so no matter what acid with burn the length of my esophagus. Thus I have to take daily meds…which sucks. I know that when I skip taking them, even for one day, my throat is so raw and it feels like I have a cold!

  2. Catherine

    I had my tonsils out at 26 and it was NOT fun. One solid week of pure hell! But, now that it’s over, I’ll say it was definitely worth it!!!! (I had chronic throat infections that legit happened every 4-6 weeks for almost a year. Strep that often?! WAY worse than the 2 weeks of full recovery!!!) Hopefully the reflux pain will go away after the 6 weeks and you won’t even have to consider a tonsillectomy as an option! 😉

    Hair looked super cute for date night too! Love the loose waves. (wish I could get it to work on my hair!)

  3. Patricia

    I love you chica! You are SO THOUGHTFUL and I am grateful we are friends after all this time and all these miles apart!! xoxoxo

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