When Things Crumble

Hi everyone!

I hope you enjoyed the protein pantry blog from Wednesday. There is still time to enter for a $50 gift card to Vitamin Shoppe that you can use in stores or online. Get your hands on those nut butters ASAP!

Tuesday night was a ROUGH one for us in the Skinny Minnie Household. I came home and there was not a little happy puppy greeting me at the door as usual. I found my baby girl shaking under the couch, scared out of her mind and when I picked her up she kept yelping in pain. When Tony came home it continued. I had no choice but to take her to the emergency vet.


Long story short Phoebe is okay. We really don’t know what is wrong, but she was not herself for 2 whole days. The happiest pup alive had her tail down, ears pinned, and wanted nothing to do with us. She did receive pain medications and she’s getting back to her old self. Her mama? Well, I was a MESS. I felt helpless and scared. As you all know Phoebe is my baby and the thought of something happening to her is one of the scariest things I’ve felt. Luckily I had Tony by my side, who didn’t bat an eye when I said we needed to go. We had both come off of long work shifts, yet he was by my side till 2am making sure she was okay. I am so grateful to have a wonderful man in my life who loves me and my little girl.



So I felt like the world had come crashing down that night, but things are slowly getting back to normal. The following day was a little hard on all of us, but by Thursday spurts of the real Phoebe came back.


We took her for a nice walk, but as you can see her tail was still down.




So that’s what we’ve been up to! Just keeping baby girl calm. We were able to hit the gym thanks to G-Mama watching her on Wednesday. So lucky to have my Mom and Dad! As one reader pointed out on my last post, I have the most adorable parents EVER! I really do, thanks Jennifer! šŸ™‚

I’ve been back to my old arm routine (after kind of being lazy about arms, it’s been my least favorite lift), and I’m definitely seeing improvements. Gotta keep moving!


That was the past few days. Please keep my little ball of fluff in your thoughts!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,

-Minnie AND Phoebe

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  1. Jennifer Lambert

    My two Dachshunds are my babies as well. When either of them get sick my world seems to stop.
    My little one ruptured a disk in his spine one night a couple years ago and became paralyzed. He was terrified. He had emergency surgery the very next morning to repair his spine and the damage that the rupture caused.
    Afterwards I had to care for a very fragile dog for the first month of the long road of his recovery. He was confined to a crate for 8 weeks. Then restricted greatly to what he could do after that for awhile. On top of that, I had to rehab him so that he could possibly walk one day (sometimes that don’t walk again and need little carts). But I worked with him and took care of him the whole time. It was a TERRIFYING time. Lots of sleepless nights and lots of “is that OK?!” or “I think there’s something wrong!” Needless to say, he’s now running around the house. Of course, with a gait that looks like he’s tipsy. Hahaha. But he’s alive and boy is he grateful!

    Our other one has a chronic severe allergy problem. It never ends!

    I understand your pain! I so do. So sorry you’ve had to go through that. It really gets to you when they can’t just tell you what’s wrong. If only they could!

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