Working On My Glutes

Hello Everyone.

Sorry for skipping the blog yesterday. I had a miniature bikini girl meltdown in the gym out of exhaustion (Mom it’s okay)— I say this because she worries! The cardio game is starting to catch up with me and being lower carb for a few days makes your body almost… well let me say PMS like!

Looking back, I’m pretty embarrassed. After shoulders I planned on doing cardio, then had to go to the store, take care of Phoebe, finish an article, make a few things for meal prep… so naturally all the things I had to do in that small amount of time were racing through my brain. Coach said okay we are doing calves then you can do your cardio. Immediately tears filled in my eyes, no joke. I sat on the calf machine and started to cry. Lip quiver, the whole bit. Oh to be a fly on the wall as he bent down to my level to give me the “pep talk”. Time is a HUGE issue this prep. Too many things going on at once. More than before. My blog has grown more in the past 6 months and I have more committments than I did previously.


We busted out calves and I did my cardio, but I didn’t go as long as I planned. I tried my best considering the situation. That’s all I can ask of myself.

So anyway, now that I’ve explained why I went missing yesterday….

It was back day for the two of us and I finished with glutes. I did a little research on Instagram trying to find something different to change up my glute workout a bit. So here’s what I found!

  • Cable kickbacks with standing leg on a small inflatable disc (exercise disc). This gives your hamstrings an extra bonus and works your core at the same time. Pretty difficult!
  • Bosu dead lifts with bar or dumbbells, on flat part. Small pause half way, go back down, then back up.
  • Low glute plie pulses (as low as you can!) holding a weight for 25-40 reps. I held a 20 lb kettle bell, and did one set of 40, then one LOWER set of 30. Phew!
  • One foot bridges (foot balances on bosu), other foot slightly bent in the air. Move down and up squeezing the glutes.


Showing the kickbacks with the disc. Obviously your foot goes all the way in the loop.

Most of these are 12-15 reps, for 3-4 sets, besides the plie pulses. Burn ’em out!

Happy to say changes are FINALLY coming along. My back is filling in nicely and even Coach said something to me when I was pulling down 110 lbs of weight! Yes, 110!!! Numbers I never thought would be possible.



A bigger upper body makes your waist look smaller, FYI 😉

And in case you missed it, Tuesday was National Dog Day! I made sure to give Phoebe extra hugs and kisses. I did cave and give her one of her favorite treats- a goof ball, but it’s mostly rawhide. She’s been doing much better with her new diet!


Time to get through this work day, then a 4 day weekend. Sound the alarm!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. tam

    Keep positive, you will do brilliantly. You have come a long way in this fitness journey so be proud, I can definitely see a difference in your body so you’re doing something right!. Take some time to relax if you can. Have a great day, :))))

  2. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Happy to hear Phoebe is doing much better :)! And when you talk about meltdowns, I can completely relate. I’m the same way. I want to hug coach for being such a good friend and coach and being there for you! I’d hug you, but well, I’m on the west coast haha. And just remember, you’ve got this!! You’re superwoman, and I still don’t know how you go workout { bikini comp or not } after a long day of work, I would definitely struggle with that. Have a great “Friday” 🙂

  3. I’m a Big Girl Now

    […] posted a new glute workout yesterday you can follow, but I plan on making a video this weekend of a short booty workout you can do at […]

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