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Hi there everyone!

It’s Monday. A fresh start to the week. It’s almost the end of summer as I see people enjoying their last weekends at the beach, or last lazy Sundays.

With my posts lately, I’ve been asked questions regarding my prep, exercises, and just general day to day things. I’m here to answer those!

Question: What is fasted cardio?

Answer: Fasted cardio is cardio first thing in the morning when you wake up, on an empty stomach. The idea behind this is for your body to turn to alternate sources of fuel for your workout. Normally the body will turn to whatever you just ate, but with fasted, glycogen stores are depleted as well as a low insulin level. Therefore, the body will work off of stored fat. Yes I think it works, but I also did EVERYTHING in my power to get stage ready for my last show, so I’m not 100% sure fasted cardio was the key to my success. I still prefer fasted though since my lifts have become tougher and heavier. By the time I finish I certainly don’t want to do cardio, so I try to get it done in the morning.

Question: How many calories should I eat?

Answer: I have been asked this a million times. It changes A LOT. I certainly wish there was a magic number for all of us, but we all have a totally different metabolism. I may eat 2,000 calories while Tony eats 5,000. Besides this being completely unfair, it depends on your genetics and body type. I have more muscle now, so I’ve found that I can eat a little more than I could three years ago to maintain weight. My advice would be to track with pictures, clothes, or if you are brave enough a scale. If one week you notice clothes are hanging off of you, bump your calories a bit, maybe 100 or so. You’ll be surprised what your body can handle if you work hard!

Question: What should I am for as far as carbs, proteins, and fats go?

Answer: Again this depends on body type, but for me I go with what I like. I prefer carbs over fats, so I will do higher carb, lower fat. I don’t mind taking out nut butters or avocado if I get oats and extra rice! Aim for 1-1.2 grams of protein per lb of body weight.

Question: How do you keep your food fresh when you meal prep?

Answer: This is a HUGE one. I get asked this the most. Chicken I will prep for 4-5 days and it’s okay still. Fish not so. We go through a lot of fish so I usually make another batch mid week. It only takes a few minutes to pop it in the oven. Overnight oats, hard boiled egg whites, rice all stays fresh throughout the week. Veggies are tricky depending on what you like. Broccoli is usually fine during the week, but asparagus will become slimy and limp. Typically I like vegetables with a bite, so after 2 days or so I’ll heat up a fresh batch. You could also freeze, but I rarely do this because I feel like I can taste the difference! Salads will stay fresh in tupperware OR mason jars with the dressing on the side.

Question: I hate eating the same thing over and over. What can I do about this?

Answer: I bulk meal prep and I certainly don’t mind eating the same thing each day, but some people do. It creates a lot more work to make things different each day, but you CAN make small adjustments to change it up a bit. Cold oats versus hot oats, different veggies or a vegetable medley, using different seasonings on big batches of chicken or fish, greek yogurt versus cottage cheese, hot sauces or liquid aminos for condiments, hard boiling eggs versus cooking them stove top or EVEN drinking them if they are pasteurized. Tony and I like to do sweet eggs and savory eggs. So one day we will do cinnamon and stevia on our eggs, the next some spicy Mrs. Dash seasonings and hot sauce. You can also spice up your life with different quest bars 😉


That’s it for today’s Q & A! If you have more questions feel free to comment or send an e-mail my way!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. amyt

    I’m like you….I don’t mind eating the same thing over and over …… I have yet to try over night oats, I’m so not sure about them – cold oatmeal, just makes me nervous lol I know it’s silly and I know I’ll probably like it. I was the same way with yogurt though……just one of those things that gets in your head. Also, sweet eggs?? I have not ever heard of doing this!!! I’ve always considered them savory!!! Guess it’s sort of like oats, some ppl make them savory, which I have yet to do!! Another thing that I just cannot get beyond…guess I need to step out more!!

    1. Katie

      I was never an oatmeal person, but I only ever ate cold when I first tried because that’s how I saw my favorite blogger eat it! Now hot is weird to me lol. Yes, sweet eggs! I do stevia and cinnamon. Sometimes PB powder or regular PB or almond butter. so yum

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