Dancing and Wrestling

Happy Monday everyone! I can’t believe I am actually home today, I haven’t had a Monday off in a while, but here I am 🙂

And Tony is home too. Say what? I actually get to see him today? This never happens. We had a pretty nice weekend too. Saturday we went to the gym. Well, let’s face it we drove separately because Tony takes a lot longer than me, especially when he lifts with a friend. Sometimes we drive together. It depends on what he’s training and who he’s training with.

As you see I’m trying super hard here to hang on to what’s left of my muscle. It’s been a tough lesson to learn being out of the gym for so long, and not going regularly enough to maintain. Of course I’m not going to have what I once did if I don’t train the same way.

That’s quite a darn difference from 2015, but I wasn’t happy living that way and depriving myself of everything. I lived in the gym, never missed a day, full hour of cardio and then lifting in the evening. Not to mention the bland boring food. I do miss that Maryland hat though… I spilled balsamic vinegar all over it and it never recovered. 🙁 It’s crazy for me to look back at that time. I mean I guess I can say yes, I did do that once and it was definitely an experience to go through, but I mostly remember not being sad, as I do being selfish as hell. I never want to come across as a selfish person, but I’m woman enough to admit I was at this point in my life. I guess it’s different when you’re a single woman, you live alone, and you only have a pomeranian. Now, I could never think of doing such a thing. I imagine it can tear relationships apart and there is a lot of fighting going on from being hungry at all times. I’m sure there are those people out there that CAN make it work, but the bodybuilding community isn’t as big as you would think. Everyone knows everyone and believe me, people talk. It’s a selfish sport by nature and someone is bound to get fed up, feelings hurt, jealous (oh there’s a lot of that), aggravated, or bottle all that up inside until they explode. I’m glad I got out when I did and I can just enjoy working out when I want.

But anyway this blog swerved in an entirely different direction than I had planned, but once I added in the picture the words started to flow. I could probably write pages about it, but I’ll save you all 😉

Saturday night Tony and I went to the 100th anniversary party for his job.

It was nice because I got to spend the evening with my parents as well. My favorite people in one room 🙂 We had a good time eating and then DANCING. Yes! I can’t believe it, but it’s true. Tony actually danced with me. Here’s the back story on this. Tony doesn’t dance. When he does dance, there is a lot of beer involved. Now let me remind you, Tony doesn’t drink anymore. So basically the whole length of our relationship I’ve seen him dance 1.01 times until Saturday night. The 1 being at my work’s holiday party. He danced with me to half a song before he ran off the dance floor. The 0.01 is a time he did a weird dance move in our apartment elevator and I looked at him confused. Saturday night however I think we did about 4 songs, 1 slow song! I don’t know why some guys are so fearful of dancing. Tony did just fine. No one even cares, no ones watching, and it’s just about having fun. So can we all convince Tony to dance more? Because I had a blast!

Today starts Pommy Grooming Boot Camp

So here’s the back story on this one. Pomeranians obviously have a lot of fur. Phoebe’s coat is beautiful, and people ask me all the time how often I brush her. “Do you brush her every other day?”. The truth. I can’t get a brush near the dog because that sweet little innocent face will bite your hand off. Last time I brushed her before our engagement photos I wore sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and ski gloves. I’m not kidding. Pomeranians have two coats. The guard on top (her long silky hair), and an undercoat (the frizzier stuff that sheds and needs to be combed out). Phoebe’s undercoat has gotten out of hand and a groomer is out of the question. So out of the blue I decided that I would shave her. As I said the words out loud I started having heart palpitations. I told myself it would probably grow back just fine and then we could start fresh with brushing her regularly. Then I get home, do a little more research, watch some videos and I said NO WAY. There’s only a chance her coat will come back in the same texture and pattern. Some poms grow back and patches, some never get their silky coat back, some do. I won’t take the chance. So last night Tony gave me three options: we shave her at a groomer, we put her under anesthesia for a deep grooming, or we start grooming ourselves once a week with a bath and combing to see if we can do it ourselves. I took option three. It might not work, but I’m going to try. I’d rather not put Phoebs through the stress and try to slowly get her back to her old coat in the comfort of her own home.

The goal is to get back to this, maybe a little fuller because she was still a baby here. It’s going to take a lot of time and TONS of patience, but it starts today.

Wish me luck!

Have a great day, I’m off to wrestle a 7 pound pomeranian. 😉



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