Drink All The Water

Hi everyone. Happy Wednesday!

This morning I’m sitting here with a big cup of cold water versus digging into my coffee first. Oh the horror. Why am I doing this? Because I’ve realized a lot of my “weirdo problems” I’ve been having are probably all from dehydration. I’ve been REALLY bad about not drinking enough water, or enough liquid in general.

Out of nowhere my skin started to take a turn for the worse when I hadn’t had a significant breakout since I switched to coconut oil face washing.  Granted, my stress level has been pretty high lately, but there are times it was higher than this and my face didn’t suffer much.

My motivation has also been pretty low to get anything productive done besides work. Just feeling icky and foggy isn’t fun, and sometimes dizzy.

The joint pains. OH the joint pains. I’ve been complaining to Tony that my pelvis and hips hurt, along with my standard wrists and knee pain that always bothers me.

Source: SmartForLife

The 75% number stood out for me. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? Well, I guess I don’t feel as stupid now.

But anyways, I’m hoping to increase my water intake and solve a lot of my problems, I feel dumb that it was as easy as drinking a little water. I will not be going back to my 1 gallon water days, but they say HALF your body weight= ounces you should drink a day. I think I can handle that.

Speaking of water…

She was not happy AT ALL. She smells really good though! And we did get a lot of our pommy grooming done. Well, we still have a lot to work on to get the undercoat out, but she feels better already. I was going to attempt it again today, but my little Phoebe was sick all through the night last night so I’d rather wait a few more days and try again.

Today I’m going to try to be super productive and get some things on my to do list scratched off. One of those things will be for this recipe and post tomorrow.

Doesn’t this pasta salad look delicious? I made it the other day and it is light and super refreshing. A great side for any summer get together. I made quite a bit and it’s almost gone already. I’ll have it up tomorrow!

Have a great Wednesday 🙂



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