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Hi Friends!

I have a crazy busy week ahead of me and I’m already exhausted thinking about it, but I’ll keep it positive and keep pushing through until I hit my weekend.

I’m pretty excited to share with you that I’ve finally found the ultimate skin secret, and I’m a tad baffled that it actually worked.

As I’ve mentioned before, I suffer from pretty severe hormonal breakouts. In my teens I never had any problems, I hit my late twenties to now 30 and it got pretty bad. Straight on isn’t awful, but from the sides– my jawline was problematic. Last year I found something that worked a little bit, reduced spots, and I even did a YouTube video about it; however it didn’t work long term and I was back to square one.

One day I heard someone raving about coconut oil. So I said well it can’t hurt, I’ll try it. For months now I have been using ONLY coconut oil on my face and it has completely changed my life.

Here’s what I do. I splash my face with water and rinse off any mascara. Then I take an over the counter makeup sponge (the thin disposable ones) dip it in the coconut oil and remove all my makeup. Splash with water, then rub one more time to get a fresh face. THAT’S IT! (make sure you put it in a separate container so you’re not mixing with what you cook with ;))

Sometimes I will add two vitamin E tabs to 2oz of coconut oil, but I’ve noticed if I add too much the mixture thins out and it will make me too slick.

It seems counterintuitive, to put oil on your face; but they say coconut oil cures everything, and it seems to be true.

I hadn’t said anything to anyone about what I was doing, yet I had at least 5 different people at work ask me what I was doing differently because my skin was so clear and glowing. All of my deep cystic acne is completely gone. At the most I’ll get a very superficial pimple here or there, but it’s mostly from being lazy after the gym and not going directly to “wash” my face.


I use ZERO soaps. All they did was make my face worse. Coconut oil you are my lifesaver!

I highly suggest anyone out there with skin issues to give it a try for a few weeks. I think you’ll like what you see!

I’ll be back tomorrow with some fitness things.

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Janessa

    I love when easy natural things like this work. I’ve been experimenting with natural cleaning and oils lately trying to get all the chemicals out of my house if I can.

    1. Katie

      I know. I’m in DISBELIEF!

  2. Catherine

    This sounds amazing! I’ve read it all over the Internet and felt that this would FOR SURE not work for me. After hearing you talk about it here, I’m willing to give it a go. do you even have to use a moisturizer anymore? I always wonder with my super sensitive skin if I should be moisturizing or washing with coconut oil. I suppose it’s all trial and error, right? Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Jessica

      I would also like to know about the moisturizer. I have to use moisturizer at least twice a day. I have combination skin where my forehead is oily, but my chin area stays dry. I also have the hormonal acne. I can’t wait to try this!

      1. Katie

        Yes, please try it and let me know! I don’t moisturize

    2. Katie

      No I don’t moisturize. It does the trick!

    3. Catherine

      I’ve been trying this out for a bit now and it’s absolutely making a difference in my skin. I’m so friggin excited, I can’t even stand it! For so long, my skin has freaked out about any sort of new product and I’ve also swapped a lot of my makeup products for natural, cruelty-free products (I am a makeup junkie. this was hard. lol) BUT, I’m happy to report that coconut oil has really made a significant change in the acne on my chin and between my brows.

  3. Laura

    I have adult cystic acne caused by my polycytic ovarian syndrome and also found that coconut oil worked really well for my jawline acne! However, if I got any oil near my lips they would dry out and get huge sores on them. Did you experience this at all!?

    1. Katie

      My lips are always dry, plus it’s that time of year! But I didn’t get sores.

  4. Lauren Colombo

    Hey Katie, just wanted to shoot you a thanks for this post. I actually had read a lot about oil washing before this, but your post inspired me to take the leap and my skin has never looked better. If you’re curious, I have been also using 1:2 concentration of apple code vinegar to water as a toner and don’t need a moisturizer – still using retin-A cream at night and sunscreen for the day. When I do get a blemish, I cover with a baking
    Soda paste for 10-15 min and it usually is resolving the next day.

    I’m also a PA, love your blog! 🙂

    1. Katie

      Thanks Lauren! It really has made a huge impact in my face and confidence. Awesome that you’re a PA too!

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