The Funk

I’m going to start off by saying PHEW.

I know I skipped two days, but I was in a major FUNK and I didn’t feel like taking anyone down with me. I’m not a fake it kinda gal, so I just couldn’t log on here and express happy emotion when I was going through a few things. Nothing life altering. Just one of those times where something happens, then it’s a snowball effect and those little things turn into big things. I think what sucked the MOST was it happened during my days off this week. Days off are supposed to be chill and stress free and it was the opposite of that.

But anyway, it’s Friday, there is a weekend in sight, and I’m ready to put the funk behind me. Plus it totally helps when I walk in after a long day of work and both pups are jumping all over the place and so happy to see me. It makes everything better šŸ™‚

Miss Hazel moved up to 18.7 lbs this week. Big girl!

She looks giant in this photo. The dog is so LONG and lean. The opposite of Phoebe, short and puffy šŸ˜‰

Although I did find this picture of Phoebe from 2013, I think she was about 1 year old here, maybe less. So tiny!

Nothing has changed this week, they still don’t get along and I still keep faith alive.

Onto other news, I FINALLY tried my wedding dress on and it needs to be taken in a little bit. I thought it was going to be pretty big, but it wasn’t. I guess it’s a good thing I did lose weight because it probably wouldn’t have fit and you can imagine there would have been a full blown crying session in the boutique. It felt surreal to try it on and think “oh my gosh I’m going to be a bride”. No matter who you are, I think we all imagine what that day will be like. I for one am not expecting a perfect ceremony, I’m more of a realist, but just trying on the dress made it seem like everything was going to be perfect.

Do you ever watch those episodes of Say Yes To The Dress where the bride tries her dress on again after 6 months to a year and says “That’s not my dress.”? I have and I always think how the heck do you not remember?

Can we talk about how this was ever a popular dress? What in the world… So glad that trend is over!Ā 

Even if you didn’t take a picture you probably have a picture of the model wearing it. I know I have them on my phone. Lucky for me when I tried it on it looked BETTER than I remember. Although G-Mama did forget the dress had a few details, so I guess it could happen šŸ˜‰

This weekend I’ll be catching up on my to do list, all the things I said I was going to do on my days off for the wedding, but didn’t get to because of the funk. I have a wedding registry to finish, favors to buy, and some gifting to do. Plus, Sunday is Mothers Day! And we all know G-Mama is my favorite person in the world, so I’m excited to spend time with her on Sunday. We are joining families this year and doing lunch with Tony’s side as well. It’s nice that we are going to be married soon and the families get along šŸ™‚

I hope you have a great weekend! Remember to smile because it’s Friday šŸ™‚






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