5 Chest Exercises You Should Be Doing Now

After an epic leg day on Monday, I have to say I was dreading chest day. It bores me a bit, and I need a little more excitement.

I had to intervene and do a little research.

Now these aren’t breaking news worthy exercises… small variation from my normal routine, but I had to spice it up a bit to trick the mind.

Here are my 5 new must-have chest exercises:

1. Single arm dumbbell chest press (this really helped me pay attention to form).


2. Chest fly on the bosu (I did these slow and controlled with a lighter weight).


3. Dumbbell pushups (a new tough challenge- believe me pushups are so much harder this way)


4. Incline dumbbell chest presses (go about 5 lbs lighter than your regular chest press. The incline makes it harder!


5. Alternating arms bosu pushups (walking hands across bosu)


I did 10 reps of each exercise for 3-4 reps. I know I will really feel these tomorrow, especially since it’s brand new. Remember to always tweak your workouts a little bit or your body will get used to it! Soreness= change.

Of course I also did my cardio to round out my gym experience. Since off of prep, I only do 30 minutes a day. I couldn’t quit cardio cold turkey in order to prevent weight gain. Eventually I’ll wean a little more so when it’s time for real prep I can turn it up a notch.


Back at home Phoebe and I had dinner and a fluff. My throat has been killing me for the past couple of days so it felt good. I have been using my ninja and it’s fabulous for fluffs!


We also played on the couch with her G-Mama Monkey. Thanks G-Mama for this toy. Phoebe loves it 🙂




 And just because I saw this last night and need G-Mama to see… there’s been an artist online making prints of famous movie quotes and such. I saw this one and couldn’t resist posting.


Steel Magnolias… Fun fact: My parents pup Shelby Ann is named after Shelby in that movie! “Drink Your Juice!”.

Have a great day everyone 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. tam

    Great post for some new ideas to work your chest. You can never go wrong with the good, old fashion push-up! I enjoy reading your posts about different exercises, very motivational! All the best, Tam :))))

    1. Katie

      Thanks girl! I was so sore the next day!

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