Bikini Coaching

First, I want to say THANK YOU! 

Thank you to everyone for the e-mails, messages, comments, etc. I have read them all and I am SO unbelievably grateful for all of the kind words. To know I am motivation for someone out there is exactly why I started this blog. You can do anything with a little determination and hard work. Don’t let anyone stop you!

I’ve received a few e-mails about plans and bikini coaching. Yes, I’m going to offer that now. Why keep the success to myself right?


Here’s what it entails:

  • a full 12-16 week prep (everything below for this time period)
  • Customized meal plans and edits along the way according to body changes and cuts
  • Customized training program – cardio and weights
  • Unlimited e-mail and texting about progress
  • Twice weekly check ins. Tuesday and Saturday. This includes weigh ins, how you’re feeling, etc. Saturdays I require progress pics and will change your plan accordingly
All of this is done online. A regular coach charges anywhere from $800-1500 for all of this. You also will not have unlimited access to another coach.
I do a flat fee for a personalized plan, training, and nutrition. I guarantee you won’t find cheaper. I take paypal 🙂

Email Me for the rate! SERIOUS inquiries only. 



  • ONE TIME no change meal plan to start your competition prep.
  • ONE TIME no change training program to start your competition prep.

Email Me for these rates.


I also offer posing sessions via Skype or FaceTime:
30-60 minutes at a time for an additional fee.
  • 30 minutes- $30
  • 60 minutes- $45

If you are interested in posing sessions only, please Email Me


If you are LOCAL- meaning Baltimore/DC area or are planning to compete in the area and want face to face coaching OR just training I am starting to offer that part-time.  Email Me


This process starts with a Pre-Contest Questionnaire. Click here. Fill it out (copy and paste into a word document OR e-mail) and e-mail it to me! Once I receive payment I will review everything and we can get started.


The stage is an Email away! 🙂


XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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