Box Life

Hey everyone!

It’s totally normal to be still living out of boxes right?

The problem is… Tony and I NEVER have the same days off. I’m working and he’s off moving this or that from the apartment. Then he works and I’m off just trying to keep this place clean at all times. Blogging has obviously been on the back burner, because frankly we are both exhausted and I feel like nothing is really done. One day at a time, right?

One of the main things we did was go to the dump. I know it sounds gross, but I had never been and I heard my mom loves to go. In my head I’m thinking that is SO WEIRD, but now I totally get it!


I mean just look at all the JUNK people throw away. It’s like your very own live episode of hoarders. I felt like a dog inside a fence watching a squirrel run back and forth. My head was darting every which way to look at everything.


Besides the glamour of old junk, our Easter weekend was spent doing some house things and squeezing in some workouts.


Luckily we have a gym that Tony belongs to that is key card access so it is open 24/7- 365. Easter evening workout went down since we were busy earlier in the day.


I’ve been to this gym several times and it is definitely out of my comfort zone. It’s a powerlifting gym mixed with the grittiness of an old school bodybuilders gym. It’s INTENSE. The owners are super nice and a dog always greets you at the door when they are present. Tony loves it there, but me? Well, I am a Golds gym kinda gal 😉

Speaking of workouts, on Monday I had off, decided to train hamstrings and glutes, well now I can barely walk. Ouch! I did some warm up stuff with bands, but then my 5 main moves included:

  • Sumo squats LOW with a 30 lb dumbbell holding at the chest. 15×4
  • Superset with stiff leg dead lifts with 20 lb dumbbells
  • Hamstring curls (lying). 2 sets single leg for as many as you can, then 3 sets both legs.
  • Single leg dead lifts with a 15 lb dumbbell. This one really tests your balance so I go lighter on the weight and focus on the squeeze

  • Finished with HEAVY glute cable kick backs for 15

And finally, last blog I talked about Piggy, the guinea pig we are watching for Hannah. Well Piggy had to take a vacation to G-Mama and Pop Pops. I became quite allergic and my eye was swollen with some hives on my forehead. I can see her from afar, but touching is out of the question. Phoebe has been RUNNING through G-Mamas house to the back bedroom where she knows Piggy lives. They both whine to each other and it amazes me that two different species could become friends! Absolutely adorable though.


Piggy goes home tomorrow and Phoebe is going to miss her so much!

I’m off to do some errands and then turn in my keys to my apartment. Such a weird feeling knowing I’m never going back there. A lot of great memories 🙂


Have a great Wednesday! See you soon 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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