Our Little Visitor

Hi everyone!

As you can guess Tony and I have been extremely busy with house related things. Of course our schedules are complete opposites too. Days Tony works, I am off, and days I work, Tony is off. I feel like I have barely seen him, but we obviously both need the hours 🙂

Tuesday night we were visited by our friends Hannah and Steve. If you follow my Snap Chat you know I tease Steve immensely over his love for Phoebe. Steve isn’t exactly a fan of small dogs, so the anticipation of Phoebe and Steve’s first meeting had been building for quite some time. Well, it finally happened.


Pretty sure I saw him crack a smile 😉

Hannah was all hugs for Phoebe.



Phoebe is doing MUCH better. She still whines if we walk out of the room, but she no longer cries all day. I just need to be a little more patient.

With Hannah, came Piggy- her guinea pig. Tony and I are watching her for a week while Hannah gets married in Mexico. We are so sad that we couldn’t be there to celebrate such a wonderful time in her life, but work obligations got in the way. The least we could do was watch little Piggy!


Phoebe’s first thought…




It’s a new toy right?


Seriously, Mom, this thing is moving.. what is it?


We let her sniff Piggy for a little while, but she started to think it was something she could throw around. She didn’t bite or swat at her, but I knew she was thinking about nipping her fur like she does Shelby. Piggy held her own though and charged Phoebe once or twice once she realized she wasn’t going to hurt her 😉


Piggy REALLY WANTED Phoebe’s bed.

Once she went back in the cage, Phoebe cried for her to come out again. It was pretty cute watching Phoebe’s fascination with Piggy. I guess she’s never really seen something that’s finally smaller than she is!


Fast friends!

And since yesterday was national puppy day I have to post two pictures of my favorite puppies!



That haircut!

Have a great Thursday! And thank you to my Tony for putting together my new toy! I can’t wait to use her!


XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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