Clean Up on Aisle 7

Today I went to Trader Joe’s to product creep… (buying a few items, but really looking at other products and saying I could make a better version)

First of all why is this place always JAM PACKED? It does not matter the time of day you go, it’s always full. People push, shove, and put their carts in front of yours to get products there are PLENTY of. It’s not like I am going to sweep the shelf of all the almond butters lady, chill! (This happens at Whole Foods too, must be the health food thing?)

I tell ya, shopping there is a workout. One lady was actually taking cookies and shoving them in her cart at warp speed like she was on an episode of Supermarket Sweep (please tell me you guys watched this too. I often dream this show still exists. Forget the heavy cheeses! Grab a bonus!)

Anyway, I did come out with a few items! And I have already tried them

Peach salsa. This stuff is surprisingly awesome. Am I the last person to jump on the peach salsa bandwagon? It’s so good! I put it over my shirataki noodles and used it as a sauce. Yummy and low cal

An amazing alternative for duck sauce

Smoke seasoning.Ā This went on my tofu tonight along with balsamic vinegar. A little bit goes a long way. I might have put a tad too much on, so be careful because it can be salty.

It has it's own grinder at the top too
It has it’s own grinder at the top too

I also came across this little gem and wish I never would have! I didn’t buy it, because I have NO PORTION CONTROL. I knew if I purchased it, the container would be empty by the end of the night.

If you have self control, please purchase and let me know how they are šŸ™‚

Jumping to my recipe! Cinnamon Sugar Yogurt Bread Mmmmmm!


I did arms today at the gym. My shoulders were feeling it from yesterday, but I powered through it. Plus tomorrow is my lifting day off, so I knew I had to push myself. I played around with the bosu again today. Use this at your gym! It’s difficult to balance on at first but does wonders for your core!

You can use this for so much!

But first I started with Mr. Stairmaster. For some reason he felt a little easier today… or maybe it was that cup of coffee I had before the gym? Oh, and I did trip up this thing, and not the little stumble you do when your foot gets caught on a step.. oh no… MUCH WORSE. Foot stumbled, ankle turned, and I face planted into the machine.

Face planted right here

Humiliating… but I finished anyway! Beast mode

Onto arms we go! Mix in your cardio šŸ™‚

    • Bicep curls using a 30lb bar. I mixed it up today. Instead of doing full curls, I started in the middle, and did half sets. So curl up from the mid point and back down to the mid point. 15 reps x2 sets. Now repeat but start from the bottom and curl up to mid point. 15 reps x 2 sets. End each set with 8 pulses!
    • Tricep kickbacks. 17.5lb dumbbell. Lean on the bench, flat back, arm in tight beside your body. Extend the arm back, working the tricep. 15 reps x 2sets each side.
    • Tricep pushups on the bosu ball. These will be difficult. Basically this is a narrow pushup, elbows in beside your body instead of out. 10 reps x 3 sets (you can start with knees)
    • Hammer curls balancing on the bosu ball (I balance on the platform). 15 reps x 4 sets
    • Bicep curls on the boss ball. 15 reps x 2 sets
    • Uppercut punches using a 12lb kettle bell, alternating arms, 20 reps x 6 sets. Yes 6!
    • Tricep dips using assisted weight (not seated). 12 reps x 2 sets

Your arms should feel good and strong!

I finished with 20 minutes on the arc trainer (a quickie) because my Stairmaster session was longer today

Shoulders from yesterday! Improvements šŸ™‚

One day at a time!
Hey! How’d I get all the way up here?

Until tomorrow…

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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