Friday Festivities

Hey and Happy Friday!

I’m actually off today which is amazing because I work most Fridays. There’s something magical about being off on a Friday when you normally aren’t. I wish I could say I am doing a lot of fun things today, but so far it’s me breaking up dog fights.

Seriously, ANY help I can get for these pups to get along would be appreciated. Some days are better than others, but get any treat involved and it’s like when animals attack over here. Believe me they get the same things, Hazel just eats hers faster.

Notice how all of my pictures of the girls are individual? Yeah, it’s for a reason. C’mon please be friends!!!!

Here’s really where our problem lies: ME. 100% Katie, it’s my fault.

I baby the girls. I make excuses for them and I never punish them because they are harmless little puppies who can’t defend themselves. In turn, they act like little gremlins when I’m home alone. When Tony’s home, he lays down the law and Hazel doesn’t act up as much. Now on the flip side they are Mamas girls and both snuggle with me at night. I guess I prefer to be the favorite šŸ˜‰

So the rest of my day I will be limping around my house. YES, my legs hurt that bad from that workout. I feel like it was my first day back in the gym, that’s how sore I am.. I texted Tony this morning asking why this house has so many stairs!? He thinks it’s hilarious, but I’m currently doing the side shuffle down all of them.

I plan on meeting with my foam roller later today to see if I can stretch them a bit.

I did a little research on foam rolling a few months back and you actually aren’t supposed to roll your body over it. Some movement is okay, but it’s more about putting pressure down on the foam roller and moving your body in small motions. I think I’ll bring mine to the gym with me today so I make sure I do it after my workout. Do you guys foam roll?

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. It’s supposed to be 82 here today in Maryland and sunny! Wow, I guess we skipped spring over here.



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