Personal Goals

Hi Friends!

Welcome to Monday. Today I thought I’d talk about personal goals. Whether big or small, everyone has some kind of goal they are working towards. I was always a big goal kinda gal, but lately I’ve been focusing more on the little things that lead to the big picture.

First on my list, get a blog up every day this week!

I have a super busy week at work and I’ll be there a lot this week, so I’d love to have something up every day for you guys to read. I can do it!

Next, eat more protein. Okay, lately I’ve been super guilty of not eating as much protein as I should. I think I did a 180 because that’s all I ate before and I got sick of it! Yes, I eat in moderation now and enjoy a treat here and there, but I still need to eat food that is good for me 🙂

Tony grilled a huge batch of chicken breast last night. I LOVE that it’s grilling season again!

Keep lifting heavy. 

I lost a lot of my muscle by taking 6+ months away from the gym. Luckily the body doesn’t forget, and I’m determined to keep going. I may not be able to get to the gym every day, but I’ll make the days count. This is my all time favorite back exercise- cable rope (or bar) pullovers. You can put your arms straighter or a slight bend to work your lats. I recently started bending my elbows and now I feel it more in the lats versus some tricep.

Take it easy on myself.

Yesterday I met with the stair master again for the first time in… well, A LONG TIME. I did 12 minutes at a speed that used to be my cool down speed. I didn’t get mad at myself and I finished the 12 minutes feeling good. I don’t need to sprint up the machine and go hurting myself just to boost my ego that I can still do it. I’ll get there in time.

And now for my #1 goal of 2017.. yes, this is big…

Get these two to like each other! 

Look how cute they are! Why can’t we all be best friends? Last night I had to do a time out for Hazel.. times TWO! Yes, I cringed on the inside, but I held firm. It’s the only way she will learn that she cannot bite Phoebe. She was pretty good after that too, so maybe she learned her lesson? I can only hope!

I hope you have a great Monday. It’s a great day to start listing your goals 🙂



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