Those Gloomy Days

Have you ever been grumpy first thing in the morning? For no particular reason. That was me yesterday morning. I opened my eyes after hearing the buzzing of my alarm and I swear I was looking at this over my head.


I mean yeah, I had a busy work week ahead of me, but nothing I didn’t think I could handle. I’m not sure why I felt so down in the dumps, dreading a Monday! Of course on my way to work I hit all the unusual traffic, every red light, my Starbucks app wasn’t working and then I spilled coffee on myself. One of those mornings?

I really didn’t have a bad day, just super grumpy for no reason. In fact at one point I looked up at the clock and it was approaching 4pm, which meant only about 3 or so hours to go. I came home and still moody. What the heck? Why? Do you guys ever feel this way and can’t explain it? I’m not sure what it was. Hormones maybe? Bottled up stress? Hidden anxiety? Whatever it is, it needs to go. I’d prefer a reason to my grumpiness, thank you!

I plopped down on the couch next to my pups and decided to talk to myself. It sounds silly, but I think it worked. Actually, I talk to the dogs most of the time. A little puppy therapy never hurt anyone 😉

I also did a little stretching which helped quite a bit because my body was holding onto tension from back day on Sunday. No mat or equipment needed, I stretched on the stairs and a lot of overhead stretching to release my upper back and shoulders. Felt super good. I definitely recommend it after a long day.

Even though I had a case of the Mondays, I’m not going to let it drag into Tuesday. We all have those days where we just can’t get it together.

Here’s to happier Tuesdays and a better week ahead!

Flowers always make it better, right?

Have an awesome day.



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