Suck it Up Buttercup

Those were the exact words Tony said to me yesterday as we left the gym. I followed through and did my leg day workout I talked about the other day. Did anyone join me?

Did everyone make it?

I almost did not. By the time I got to the split squats I indeed started feeling sick with the dry heaves. I took a mini break and back to it I went. I’m happy to say I finished the workout! I even did a little bit of abs.

The soreness has already set in, which means I’ll for sure be limping tomorrow and Friday. I’m determined to get back in the swing of things so hopefully this is the start of something great!

At home so happy and proud I pushed through! 

This definitely isn’t easy for me anymore and I’m not loading up the weights like I did previously. I just really wanted to get through the workout at my maximum right now. It’s okay to take a step backwards sometimes, as long as you don’t quit!

When we came home we took the girls for a walk in the neighborhood. They love the long walks. We still have some leash issues to workout with Hazel, but overall we do good.

My Phoebs definitely can’t walk as far as Hazel, but she really tries!

Just like her Mama, Phoebe is not a quitter!

Coming up on my calendar I have a bunch of things I keep putting off… but I’m promising myself to make the gym go a little higher on the list. Lots of wedding things: cake design, getting all my invites sent out, and going to try on my dress. They actually e-mailed me asking why I haven’t done it yet, wondering if something was wrong. Whoops,  sorry Mom, we will go soon! Truth is my dress is probably not going to fit at all. When I bought it I had quite a bit more weight on me. I’ve been avoiding trying it on because now they are going to have to chop half the darn dress. I guess better to take it in than out right?

I’m off for the day, be back tomorrow! Tomorrow is Friday. Yippee!



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