Friends in DC

Hey everyone!

I continue my previous weekend adventures with Sarah and Andy with a day in Washington, DC! It has been quite some time since I went down to the monuments, I was probably in high school, but we were excited to show our friends the nations capital!

We took the metro down, and let’s just say the lighting was ON POINT (as Tony would say).


We had breakfast at a little cafe, and then headed down for the DC sights, including the Museum of Natural History. I may have quoted Friends A LOT. Ross worked at the natural history museum in NYC as a paleontologist. I just couldn’t help my self, such a Friends junkie.




We hit the Washington Monument, Reflecting Pool, and Lincoln Memorial.








My favorite picture from the day was at the White House. I’ll be framing this one. You can’t get more American than the White House and Starbucks in each hand šŸ˜‰



After being absolutely FAMISHED, we headed to Georgetown and went to a pizza place that was so delicious. I would love to sit here and say I controlled myself, but I’ll admit I destroyed this pizza. It was too darn good and we were starving.


We also went on the unofficial DC cupcake tour. This isn’t a real thing, but Sarah really wanted to try a Georgetown cupcake so we waited in line for the famous dessert.




They were so pretty! Yes, they were good, but I have to say we hit up Sprinkles cupcakes next and they had it in the bag hands down. I guess because of the TV show, Georgetown wins the popularity vote, but Sprinkles cupcakes were bigger, had more flavor, and had a good frosting to cake ratio.


Plus, I mean… look at those sprinkles! HELLO!!!!

After a long metro ride home, we changed and hit up our favorite burger spot Abbey Burger. If you are from Maryland, these are the best burgers you can find. I’ve talked about it before, but nothing compares. I’m not TOO much of a burger person, but these are more than just a burger. Customized, and they always have a meat(s) of the month. This month was antelope and it was hands down the best burger I’ve ever had there.



Things get messy, but it’s SO GOOD you don’t care.

It definitely felt nice to enjoy myself, but wow when you aren’t used to eating that way, it knocks you on your bum! I’m sure I’m not alone on this.

It was a wonderful day with our friends and it came to a close the next day with a great workout in the gym. I’ll be sharing that tomorrow!

Have an awesome day šŸ™‚

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Jamie

    Is that pizza from Vapiano?!

    1. Katie

      it’s not! Paradiso Pizza I believe

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