Goodbye Friends

Hey everyone.

Today I talk about the last part of Sarah and Andy coming to visit. I know these posts took me long enough, huh? Life gets in the way and it’s a busy life!

Anyway, what better way to finish a visit from a fit friend… hitting the gym! I HAD to take them to our gym because I talk about it so much. Let’s just say my gym has “all the sights”, so people watching is top notch. It’s also a pretty big gym so I was excited to show Sarah around.

We hit back and let me tell you this girl can KEEP UP. Sarah and I have only lifted together a few times on vacation, but she can hit the heavy weight just like I do.


Here was our routine:

  • Lat pulldowns. HEAVY. 15 reps for 4 sets. Then as heavy as we could go for 5-8 reps.


Sarah did take a snap video of me, and someone managed to totally video bomb me… didn’t see it until later, but I giggled.

  • Smith machine rows. Again, we went heavy for 15 reps, 4 sets.


  • Standing lat pulldowns. 20 reps light, 12-15 reps next weight up. 4 sets. My favorite back exercise there is. I love working the lats and making the back as wide as possible. Makes the waist look smaller and shoulders look bigger 🙂
  • Low single arm cable rows. These are similar to dumbbell rows on a bench, but I prefer using the cable. I pull HARD like I’m starting up a lawn mower. 15 reps each arm for 4 sets.
  •  Face pulls. We did 3 sets of 15 heavy, then FINISHED with a drop set to 100 reps. Start heavy and then keep dropping the weight until you reach 100 reps. The last few reps will be light but you will still feel the burn.


Tony trained Andy and I knew his arms were going to be sore the next day! Tony gets pretty bossy in the gym 😉


After training we hit the local diner. Why is diner food ALWAYS the best? The coffee too!


Omelettes with cheese? YES, PLEASE! I’ve been on a provolone kick when we eat out. It melts so yummy.

It was so hard saying goodbye to our dear friends. I always cry quite a bit. Phoebe was sad to see them go too. She searched for them for the next few days 😉


I’ll be reunited with Sarah in July for Blog Fest in California and I can’t wait.



But for now… onto the next adventure. Charleston, South Carolina. Make sure you follow me on snap to see what I get into! My username is: katiekoblinsky

Have a great day!

XOXO With A Cherry On Top,


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