G-Mama’s BIG Day

Hi Friends! HAPPY WEDNESDAY! And I say this because I will only be at work today until about noon. Thank goodness! Yesterday was round two of day from Hades. I believe when I came in to work and was handed our patient list the words said were “I can’t do this again today. I CAN’T”.

Well I did.

Was I happy about it? Absolutely not. It’s very difficult to run an entire surgical service alone, especially with complicated patients who need constant attention and things completed. After all, I am one person, I have only been there since January, and I’ve only been a PA for 2 years. At one point I thought: what would happen if I just walked away? Besides the obvious I’d be fired, things would fall to pieces, my phone would blow up from texts and calls, and the hospital would put up a missing person’s ad within 10 minutes.

I guess it should make me feel good that I am so needed and that my job is never in any danger?

So I do not really have ANY pictures from the day. Except this one of me shoving a rice cake and pecan butter (YES! Pecan butter!) in my face. I have pecans at home, definitely going to make my own soon!

Stuffing face
Stuffing face

A little after one o’clock some humor came into my day and I felt pretty bad about it. I had new interns start with me this week and basically they are learning the ropes of what it is like to be a surgeon. Think Grey’s anatomy MADNESS. Minus the McDreamy and McSteamy. That would make work a little better! Pretty much everyone starts out as a George, it’s okay, everyone has to learn. I still learn so much every single day myself! But anyway, one of them turned to me and said “when is lunch?”. I tried not to laugh in her face because that’s just cruel. But really lunch does not exist in the surgical world. It certainly doesn’t exist when you are an intern, and it probably won’t exist when you are a chief. Somewhere in the middle of residency you might get to have lunch depending on your days, or if you quit the doc job, become a PA, and demand a lunch break like I do! I learned the hard way starting out with my job that if I don’t get lunch I will get LESS done than if I were to take just 15 minutes to walk away (if I’m not in the OR) and refuel.

So anyway moving on to the title of my post. Today is Wednesday, June 26th. The day G-Mama has been counting down to since last summer. Big event? Well I guess you could say that. Tonight comes the return of Big Brother on TV. Probably the best show ever for people that LOVE to people watch. The actual show we like yes, but it’s the AFTER show and the feeds that suck you in. Reality television is edited, but live feeds don’t lie! I remember last year being made fun of having the feeds by a friend, only to have him not be able to turn away from my computer for a good 3 hours later… see told ya! G-Mama and I always discuss our favorite parts: when the house guests sit and eat dinner. And it never fails every single year the girls come in looking like bombshells and out of pure boredom put on a good 20 pounds from eating. It’s really fun to watch people eat when they think no one is watching. Am I sick? Am I twisted? Well maybe… but believe me it’s fun! I always said if I went in that house I would be doomed from the start. Because really there is no TV, no computer, no books, NOTHING. NOTHING TO DO BUT EAT! And hey I like to eat. I keep myself busy so I don’t constantly have food in my mouth.

But anyway tonight I plan on going to my parents house to watch and bring Miss Buffay with me. She is spending the night there since my flight takes off at 6am! Yikes…

Speaking of Phoebs, she totally knows what is going on. She’s a smart little thing. She didn’t leave my side at all last night. Even blogging she begged to sit with me!

"Can I sit mama?" "Sure Phoebs"
“Can I sit mama?” “Sure Phoebs” GOSH MY DOG IS CUTE! 🙂 so happy we decided not to do that haircut!

I’m not sure how much of an update I will have for the rest of this week. I blog from my iMac at home. I don’t have a laptop to take, only an iPad, and I cannot upload all my photos and things that way. Tomorrow I will have a quick update but if you want to see my trip along the way be sure to follow my INSTAGRAM account. I will post plenty of pics from there! My username is SkinnyMinnieMoves. 

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns

    Omg, “day from hades” lol. At least you got it done, like a boss 🙂 Mmm I’m so obsessed with that pecan butter, I’ve seen it at Whole Foods along with macadamia butter, maybe next time I’m there I’ll pick them up. I’ve never watched that show, didn’t even know they had an unedited one! Enjoy your day today and the show 🙂

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