I Do Go Places…

Is this real life?

Did I really leave my apartment to go out on a Monday night?

I sure as heck did! Lately I’ve been all gym, gym, and more gym. Taking full advantage of the time off. I decided I deserved a night away from that crowd and it felt really good. No, I’d never give up my gym nights, but sometimes it’s good to be a different person for once. Last night I was not the “girl in the Maryland hat”. Just catching up with an old friend. I did still wear my leggings though. YOU CAN’T CHANGE ME! 😉


Yesterday at the gym I hit legs and since my right hip has been giving me a few issues, I had to cool it on lunges and split squats. I grabbed a stability ball and the stand for back extensions and I used it for glute work. Yes, glute work!

I put a mat over the top for comfort. Stability ball goes between the feet.


Lean over the machine so your waist hits the pads. I grasp my hands around the feet pedestals (sorry it’s cut off in the pictures).


Basically you raise the legs up and back down. Do sets of 12 with a set of 8 pulses at the end of the set. Try a few rounds 🙂


You’ll feel it in the glutes, low back, and inner AND outer thigh if you squeeze the stability ball a bit.

Booty success!


Just a quick little exercise for you to try out. Not much else has been going on to share, so I’ll keep it simple today.

Have a great day 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,



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