I had good intentions

Hello everyone. Happy Thursday!

My plan for yesterday was a home glute video. I moved all my furniture, put on my workout gear, and hit record.


Yeah… I hit record…


I did have good intentions. I just had a dummy moment. I looked the part though!

Yesterday I saw this all over my Facebook feed because of a bunch of my friends posted it. It’s the Best Jobs in America according to the Huffington Post.

#1 is Physician Assistant! We had a long run of being #2, but we finally got the top spot. I’m proud to be a PA and even more proud I made it through the program. Boy was that ZERO fun. The rest of the list is filled with a lot of engineers, which is not surprising. And funny enough a lot of my PA friends are either married to or date engineers. I guess they are a good match?

Back to fitness things, lately I’ve been really motivated by other women doing their own thing. I am no stranger to instagram stalking… hey I consider it normal at this point. Here’s who I’m following and who inspires me daily!


My BFF Sarah. I can’t get over her transformation. It’s even more strange that we have only hung out for 4 days total while in California. I wouldn’t survive lately without her!


While we may not be on the same wave length with fitness things (she’s a runner and a yogi), sharing the passion of fitness is what keeps our bond so strong. I’m not a lifting snob! I love anyone who has a passion for keeping a healthy lifestyle and Sarah does it. Plus we are twinsies now with our matching Lorna Jane Heart Zip Ups!

Next up… Jessica Arevalo. My favorite bikini gal.


She wears beats and a hat, a girl after my own heart 😉


Gorgeous in gym clothes and regular clothes!

This lady below is someone I found through a random hashtag. First of all she is a mom and has had quite the transformation. She’s stunning and her body is unbelievable!


I envy those legs. I hope one day to get mine to pop like that!

Next, we have Melissa. Melissa is also a mom and a hard working woman. Funny enough, she was at my second bikini show and neither of us knew it until she saw me up there and tagged me on her instagram account! She was supporting a friend competing.


I didn’t have the privilege of meeting her because competition day is a whirlwind! I do feel like I know her though since I see her online every day. And look at those guns!

Finally, and this isn’t really fitness related, but Carrie Underwood is my ultimate girl crush outside of the fitness world. She’s beautiful, has a killer voice, and is about to be a mom! If you haven’t downloaded her new song it’s called “Little Toy Guns” and I’m overly obsessed with it. I didn’t even listen to it first before downloading. Every Carrie song is a win in my book.


So some of my favorite women. I left their instagram names on top of the pics so you can follow if you wish 🙂

Who inspires you? 

Have a great Thursday!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,



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  1. Lisa Rementer

    Love your shout outs. I am alone in my fitness journey so I was wondering, do you have any advice on meeting people that share your goals? No one in my circle shares my passion for how excited I get over increasing my leg press and sometimes I just wish I had someone to talk to about fitness. Is there like a ‘Lifters Anonymous’??

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