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Hey guys and HAPPY FRIDAY!

I’m happy to say I will be starting my job sooner than I anticipated. I was waiting for all the licensing to go through and it has, phew. I asked to start sooner because while being home is fun, I need my structure back. I’m going crazy at home, plus money is nice šŸ˜‰

Lately I’ve been asked questions about how to get lean. First of all I LOVE that people say the word lean and have strayed away from using the word “skinny”. While there is no magic workout, just consistency with cardio and lifting, you can alter your diet to make this happen. My workouts haven’t changed and I’ve leaned quite a bit recently (my Vegas vacation aka POOL vacation is a comin’!). I’m just watching what I eat and spacing my meals accordingly.


I’ve put together a list of grocery items for you to achieve those goals šŸ™‚ But first…

  1. Dairy is not your friend when leaning out. It’s not impossible with dairy, but for the most part you will bloat. I always see a huge difference in my midsection when I get rid of greek yogurt, cottage cheese, creamers, and any other milk product.
  2. Drink that water. Days I don’t drink a lot, I suffer the next few days and hold onto water weight.

Okay now onto the groceries:

  • Proteins: chicken breasts, any fish you like as long as it’s not high in mercury (moderation with these), lean ground turkey or beef (93/7), whey powders, egg whites and whole eggs
  • Veggies: asparagus (natural diuretic), broccoli, peppers, onions, cucumbers, cauliflower, spinach, romaine. Really no vegetable is off limits!
  • Fruits: bananas, apples, berries, pomegranates, oranges, lemons, grapefruits, watermelon
  • Fats: avocados, nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios), olive oil and coconut oil
  • Carbs: oats, sweet potatoes or red potatoes, white OR brown rice, quinoa, ezekiel muffins or breads
  • Extras: Unsweetened almond or cashew milk, light soy milk, hot sauces, coffee (duh), seasonings

No special items. It’s the basics!

It’s kind of funny because Phoebe will eat all of these things. She likes what Mommy likes. I’d much rather give her some people food than dog food where I have no idea what’s in it.


Yes, that’s Phoebe in the car standing on my lunchbox. She is always in her carrier, but last night started to choke while I was driving. I panicked. She’s okay thank goodness! For the rest of the ride home she kept coughing so she got to come out of the carrier. She loved it.

That’s all for today. Have a great weekend!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,



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  1. Tamara

    I like that you included what your experience was with and without dairy (regarding the difference in your midsection). Now I will know what to look for. Rocking selfie of you, great muscle. You also gave me a good reason to be more consistent with my water intake. (As you can see, I discovered your blog yesterday, and I’m going through all your posts today and commenting.) I like your writing style. Thank you.

  2. Lisa Rementer

    Hey! I am just catching up myself! I’ve been a whirlwind of months.
    Thank you for the leaning out advice because thats always my issue (I know I see muscle under there!) My biggest problem? I LOVE CHEESE. ALL OF IT. I’m so jealous of your easy ability to always pass it up while I’m always looking for ways to incorporate it! haha… and greek yogurt? My favorite staple šŸ™ I mix it in everything that I’m afraid will be dry. Can I get the same effect by cutting everything else? Or is it an all-or-none deal?
    Thanks for keep on keeping on. always following… at some time or another

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