I’m Here! Sort of…

Good Morning Bloggies

For those of you who didn’t log on yesterday, surprise! New layout 🙂 Every time I look at it I love it more and more. Simple, clean, yet adorable.

Yesterday was a repeat of the previous two days. A constant battle of controlling my cough and trying to stand on two feet. Phoebe has been quite the little angel for being stuck in our apartment for 3 days straight. I managed to finally take her out for a walk (she’s trained on pee pads from when I worked night shift), and she was so happy. Poor little thing.

Mommy didn’t make it far…

Come on mom a little bit longer!
Come on mom a little bit longer!

When we got back upstairs I collapsed on the couch. This sickness has definitely taken it out of me. One simple 5 minute walk and I was so weak. I hate resting, but I know it’s good for me. Phoebe sure does miss G-Mama and Pop Pops house though.

Food wise, I haven’t been too hungry but forcing myself to eat because I feel better after I have a little food in me. I’ve been living off of fluffs!

good for a sore throat
good for a sore throat

I’ve been trying to keep Phoebe busy with a stash of new toys I keep around for emergencies.

Supergirl toy
Supergirl toy

I spend the majority of my day sleeping this off. Usually I have a hard time sleeping during the day, but it makes me so darn tired, I have no trouble at all. Night time, I watch big brother feeds (nerd alert). I found the wee bit of energy left in me the other night and moved my chair to my computer room/kitchen area so I could watch. I usually sit on my ottoman and blog, but I needed something to lean back on.


Addict or determination? Hmmmmm


So since I’ve been chair bound the past 3 days I’ve done lots and lots of instagram stalking. So if you have an account, if you follow me, or if you post a lot of health related things, chances are I looked at your pictures. Stalker, I know. Hey, at least I admit it. What else was I supposed to do with my time?

I came across this little chart about how much to eat and when

when and how much to eat


So according to this you are supposed to eat breakfast as your biggest meal, which we have all heard. Well my chart is the exact opposite of this, and I feel like most people are like me. I find myself having to force myself to eat in the mornings and then I want a big dinner later on. It’s really hard to try to change these habits! I’m not big on breakfast foods anyway, I like dinner meals, and I’m supposed to have less of that? Boo! I don’t like that.

Consumption goes down during the day? Could not be more opposite for me. I guess I should take into account that I do exercise in the evenings, so maybe this doesn’t apply to me. I guess this is better for the person that works out in the morning. I refuel at night!

I’m hoping to get some recipes up today or tomorrow. So check back. Now that I can function again, I might be able to be a tad productive, who knows. 😉

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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