Looking Back on 2013

Almost 2014! Where has time gone? Not sure exactly.

Last year I made a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish in 2013, I pretty much hit 9 out of 10 so I consider that a success! This year I am not making a list, or a resolution other than to live my life and be happy. If I want to set a new goal, I will do that, but I don’t need to set a starting point for myself or a time limit.

So here is a quick look at what 2013 was about for me.

January- Started my new Surgery job

I was definitely terrified when I started back to work. Being off for 2 months was amazing, but I was in desperate need of a pay check again. I didn’t know what to expect and since I had previously been in the world of labor and delivery, going to general surgery was INTENSE. My first week I was so exhausted. The service was insanely busy (every one said it wasn’t like that normally and I thought sure guys…), and I never had time to break for lunch, but here I am a year later still learning, and I was able to figure it all out. There are still times where I’m extremely overwhelmed, but I am so happy I made the jump to daylight. Little did I know this job would change my life completely.

Chug Chug!

Loose pants- love my camera, yes I took a flash pic! Don't judge

Lack of lunches.. my clothes were falling off of me!

February- Finished my clean eating challenge

What originally was supposed to go for 30 days, went about a week or two over. I did not eat ONE single chemical or preservative straight for that many days. Afterwards eating those foods was a mind blowing experience. Taste buds really change when you take those things out! I co

nsidered doing it again this January, but I just love my coffee creamer so much. Plus it’s insanely hard. You don’t realize that even canned things have extra ingredients in them to preserve veggies. I was 100% pure and natural during this time period and I did feel good about it. Maybe I will do a few weeks again, but nothing crazy. I did get judged like CRAZY though and it was really tough having to explain myself a million times over. Especially starting a new job. I was immediately labeled “that weird girl who will not eat anything but lettuce and some nuts”—- not true by the way.

Set for the week! No excuses

March- Work Crisis

March was a really hard month for me at work. As I looked back on this month it was really busy, I even had a mental breakdown and swore I was quitting. Glad I didn’t… good things were coming very soon. But I did get all super glam for a black tie work dinner!

Flexing in sparkles!

April- Lifting got serious

I really got into a good routine in April for my lifts. I made some serious gains and felt strong. I also started using the TRX ropes. It has definitely added intensity to my workouts. I use them quite a bit now.

My arms actually look small when they are down, but when I flex it's like where did that come from?

May- Moved to my new apartment

When I decided to “upgrade” I thought I was making a huge mistake. Turns out it was a great decision. Phoebe and I love our new home. It’s gorgeous, shiny, and I love coming home every day. I had some good memories in my old apartment, but my new one is a million times better. Plus more room to cook! The most important part 😉

Peace out old apartment, onto new beginnings!

This is our view next to my recliner. She just adores sitting here and watching the birds and planes :)

June- Fit Bloggin’ 13 Conference in Portland for my Birthday

This was probably my favorite part of 2013. I signed up for a fitness blogger conference in Portland, Oregon on my Birthday. When it came time to go I thought “WHAT WAS I THINKING!?”. The furthest I’ve flown on a plane alone was to Chicago for a PA board review course and now I was flying across the country to be alone on my birthday, not know anyone, and try to socialize with total strangers? “WHO AM I?”. It turned out to be the best trip of my life and the ONLY trip where I wasn’t desperate to go home. I was surrounded by fellow bloggers and people who just “got it”. Plus I was able to hang out with some of the women I read every day. It was an incredible experience and I already have my calendar marked for 2014 in Savannah, Georgia!

Beautiful bloggers shot

July- Blog Makeover

Phoebe and I were made into a cartoon for my new blog design! Miss Pickles did a fabulous job of creating exactly what I asked for! Plus the custom made format of my blog done by A Mommy’s Blog Design turned out perfect. I love the look of my blog. Cute, fresh, clean!

Katie Koblinsky final

August- Time out

Nothing really happened this month and looking back this makes me extremely sad. I was going through a really rough period. We all have them, but I’m so sorry I wasted time and energy and didn’t pull it together sooner. One life to live!

hair day
September- Tried new things

I took my very first Bikram yoga class and that was quite the experience! No I never went back… I did like it, but I much prefer lifting and doing my regular cardio. I also experienced my first “Renn Fest” in Maryland. I’ve lived here my whole life and had never gone to the Rennaisance Festival! It was loads of fun and the people watching was top notch.

bikram abs
headband of flowers

October- Barcstoberfest 2013

This was another one of my favorite moments from 2013. Phoebe and I celebrated Halloween together in Baltimore at the park to take part in an event sponsored by the local animal shelter. It was HUGE! We participated in the 1 mile walk (okay we cheated a little, but her legs are small!), lost the costume contest to a baby, and had fun being adorable in our outfits. We were definitely the hit of the park and I can’t wait to go again next year.


November- Videos and No equipment

I started making You Tube videos featuring original recipes I call Skinny Minnie Meals. I absolutely LOVE filming and have found my “niche”, but it takes so long to get ready, film, edit, upload, etc. One man show over here. I have big plans for 2014 for more cooking demos and workout videos, so make sure you subscribe to my You Tube channel.


I also completed a week of cardio without using a single piece of cardio equipment. I thought it would be really hard, but it was fun and challenging for my body! I ran up the steps in my apartment building, I sprinted outside, and I did interval training in the gym using a step they use in classes. Lots of fun and time flies by when you are not staring at the time on the machine.


December- More socializing

It may have taken most of 2013, but I finally started to socialize more (this was one of my goals for 2013). I took part in a 5K race with work friends, switched up my gym, became closer with 2 fabulous girlfriends Tiffany and Mary, and had a great Christmas with my family. I stepped away from the keyboard and my friends DVDs and got out a little. I’m definitely a happy and lucky girl!




So that was 2013 for me. Nothing MAJOR or life changing obviously, but hey not too bad of a year. Each day I work towards my goals: physical, mental, and blog related.

I’m ready for 2014. I’m ready to work hard for my goals, I’m ready to push my body to the limits, and I’m ready to acheive success!

Hope your 2014 is amazing 🙂 And if you go out tonight, stay safe and please do not drink and drive!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Tiffany @ The Chi-Athlete

    What a fantastic year for you, missy! Tough and rough, but looked like a lot of fun (a la blog style, heh). Here’s to a wonderful 2014!

  2. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    I remember finding your blog sometime last spring, I had no idea that you had just started the surgery job!! You sure sounded like a pro at it to me :). I can’t wait for more videos!! I have a feeling 2014 is going to be a good one 🙂

  3. tam

    Sounds like a great year! I only found your blog before the summer so was nice to hear about your early year experiences – hope 2014 is another great year for you! 🙂 x

  4. angela

    Glad to hear you say you liked Fit Blogging. I’m thinking about going this year too 🙂

  5. Lisa

    Happy New Year!!! 🙂

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