Make it Happen Even if it Hurts!

So what’s with the title? Well, I had a very VERY long day at work yesterday. I was extremely overwhelmed, and when I came home the last thing I wanted to do was workout. Phoebe hadn’t seen me all day, she was acting up, and she made a mess all over my bathroom. It was one of those days where you just need to shut the door, scream, cry, or just be alone.

Nothing bad happened at work, It’s just a lot for me to learn and take on, especially not getting a full nights rest. You know you’re tired when you tear up because someone holds the door open for you going into your apartment building. I think I freaked the guy out, but I told him I appreciated it and it’s the little things that count after a long day!

Anyway, so I forced myself to my apartment gym to workout for an hour. After 5 minutes I’m glad I didn’t skip. I needed it to clear my head and let the day drift away. They say exercise is a stress reliever and it’s 100% true. Even if you’re exhausted after a long shift at work, do it anyway. Number 1, you won’t ever regret a workout, and number 2, your muscles will thank you later!

I decided to do my treadmill incline interval workout again. I really want to start doing this at least 1-2 times a week. It’s a terrific workout and really gets my heart rate up. To remind you what it includes, here it is:

Follow this for a 35 minute killer workout!
Follow this for a 35 minute killer workout!- around 3 miles

I actually ended up walking 41 minutes because I really needed to let my body release. Walk away my troubles shall I say?

She's going the distance!
She’s going the distance!

I did a little chest work as well, but, my arms are INCREDIBLY sore from that killer bicep/tricep workout from a few days ago. They hurt the worst yesterday!

  • Chest presses using the machine, 45 lbs, 15 reps x 4 sets
  • Chest presses with an incline on machine, 30 lbs, 12 reps x 3 sets, then 35 lbs 12 reps x 1 set
  • Pec Fly’s using machine, 60 lbs, 12 reps x 2 sets, then 65 lbs 12 reps x 1 set
  • Cable crossovers 20 lbs each side (like a fly but the cables come to the center and cross over eachother), 12 reps x 4 sets

In between my reps I did:

  • side bends with a 30 lb weight, 15 reps x 2 sets each side
  • diagonal oblique crunches standing using a 10 lb weight (left knee to right elbow) 12 reps x 2 sets each side
  • Oblique standing rotations using a 30 lb weight, 30 reps x 2 sets
Feelin' strong, with a tired face ;)
Feelin’ strong, with a tired face šŸ˜‰

And my arm vascularity is really improving. LOVE IT!

Prominent veins!
Prominent veins!

When I came back upstairs, Phoebe was waiting for me. I let her have the run of the apartment when I use my gym here. I figure what could go wrong in an hour?

I then heated up dinner. Boy am I glad I meal prep before the week starts. SAVES SO MUCH TIME! Please do this!

BIG healthy dinner. I needed it!
BIG healthy dinner. I needed it!

The sweet potato was too huge so I cut it in half and saved the other half for another day. On the bottom of my turkey burger is Ezekiel bread. This was the first time I had it and WOW it is so delicious! Really nice and crunchy. Phoebe liked it too šŸ˜‰

I hate to disappoint AGAIN, but I am lacking the motivation for recipes. I definitely will work on a few this weekend and try to get one up tomorrow. I have to see how my day goes.

Hoping for an easy day ahead of me! Shoulder work is in my future!

1 hour is all it takes and you are done!
1 hour is all it takes and you are done!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


P.S. I miss you G-Mama, Pop Pop, and Shelby šŸ™‚

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