Minnie’s Mini Circuit Workout

Good Morning! Happy Friday, TGIF! I bet as you are reading this (if it’s morning), I am in my kitchen having a dance party with Phoebs. You know on Fridays we love that, it’s our favorite time of the week. Coffee, music, and dancing. Nothing better.

My work day was decent!  A little time in the OR, but nothing heavy. In the middle of my case I had realized I left my watch sitting in the locker room. Panic flooded through me. It was my Polar heart rate monitor! That thing is expensive. As soon as I was done I ran to go get it. The place I left it? GONE! I went to the front desk, no one had seen it. I sulked. Until I came across a really nice co-worker that said sometimes when people lose earrings they place it on little hooks, she took me to the spot and BAM! There it was! I was so happy. I know it’s a materialistic thing, but hey you guys know those things are pricey! Plus I just love mine 🙂 Glad people are honest, because someone could’ve easily swiped it.

4:30 came, and I skipped away with my empty water jug 😉

Since I didn’t take a rest day this work week, I was left with a bit of a hole in my workout schedule. I didn’t feel like repeating biceps, and a whole day of back was still out of the question since I injured it last week. What’s a lifter to do? Well since I did those three workouts back to back the other day in a circuit like manner, I was struck with an idea. A total body workout. I NEVER DO THESE! But it was really cool. Plus it really wore me out because I didn’t stop the whole time. Back to back intensity. I’ve listed it here below for you guys to give it a whirl.

I call it Minnie’s Mini Circuit Workout Cute eh?

circuit workout

So basically you do each of these “blocks” back to back in a circuit workout, 4 times. NO BREAKS! For example, I would do 5 clean and presses, then 10 side bicep curls, then 10 squats on the bosu, and start over- completing 4 times without breaks. Then move on to the next block. It’s intense!

Use weight according to what you think your body can handle, but I really pushed it on my clean and presses. I looked like a beast body builder 😉

It took me about 30 minutes to get through it. Remember, no breaks!

Round this baby out with some cardio and you have the perfect total body workout.


Hi Jane!

Back at home I made bison burgers. What a great way to refuel after that session. Healthy fats!


And instead of buns or lettuce, I used portabella mushroom caps.


YUM! The sauce is a sriracha- greek yogurt “mayo” I whipped up


It looks terribly messy, it was, but good!


I gobbled up that baby with a side salad.

I hope every one enjoys their weekend. Lots for me to get done! Make sure you kill it in the gym and try out my circuit workout.


Phoebe says CIAO!


XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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