New Week- New Goals

Hi friends!

So as you know Tony is now on vacation and Phoebs and I are doing it alone. It’s kind of funny because my parents offered me to stay with them for a few days in case I got lonely. The gesture was wonderful, but I think we all forget I lived on my own for years (it seems weird to me too now). How things change huh?

Can I just say thank goodness for Netflix? Seriously, where the heck have I been for the past few years. Orange is the New Black? HELLO! I made my couch into my personal little cave and didn’t move much this weekend. In just a few short days I finished season 1, now I’m about half way through season 2 and I only started season 2 yesterday morning. When I dedicate myself to something I go hard 😉

I would say no spoilers please, but by the time I read the comments I’ll probably be finished the show. Oh how I wish I was exaggerating.

For those of you who do watch. Who is your favorite inmate? I actually really like Piper. She’s smart, knows how to handle her own, and stands up for herself when the going gets tough. I also think Taryn Manning does an excellent job of her character, you know the drug addict who has found Jesus. Great cast! I do think my favorite part of the show though is the miniature stories in between of how they all ended up in prison.



Fun fact. Did you know Jodi Foster directed some of the episodes? Yeah I didn’t either until I looked up things on Wikipedia!

Moving on. This week I plan on hitting the gym hard. I have to hold down the fort for Tony since he’s gone, and I really want to maximize my workouts before Mexico. I am a fan of writing things down to keep track. When I started to read a book on organizing your life the author said paper is NOT GOOD. It clutters things. She’s 100% correct. I have random papers everywhere. So I decided to get a small notebook and write my things in there. All in one place. Even if it’s random thoughts, there are no rules.

I always get a little inspired after going to bodybuilding shows! My friend Erica and I hit the Maryland State/East Coast Classic in Baltimore. I hadn’t seen her since she competed at Tony’s show, but we talk every day 🙂

Okay, so it was a tad emptier than I was expecting. Every show I’ve been to sells out. I guess because it’s summer time, people don’t want to diet? The classes were crazy small for NPC bikini, but we both had a great time!

11214019_10103795208443708_8635684401679242439_nvia my snap chat: katiekoblinsky 

Since Tony was fishing, I kept him informed on what the bodybuilders looked like. Pretty big dudes huh?

IMG_1389The guy in the middle ended up taking the overall. Congrats to him! 

I’m off for the day. I plan on hitting quads later on WITHOUT all the lunges. Last time my hip flexors were tight for 2 weeks. If you want to join in on my insanity here’s a snippet of what I plan on doing:

  • 30 leg extensions
  • 30 second wall sit
  • Small rest
  • Repeat 5 more times.

I like to super set quads to keep them engaged. I have the hardest time getting definition and separation so that’s my goal this off season!

Have a wonderful Monday 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,




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