Wednesday Glute Love

Hi everyone!

First I have to give a special shout out to G-Mama. It’s YOUR DAY! The day you’ve been waiting for about 9 months now 🙂

And FINALLY yesterday was the day I had been waiting for as well! For a few years now. My gym purchased a glute ham raise or “GHR”. I hit shoulders yesterday and as I was walking on the other side of the gym this was staring back at me.


I felt like the light hit down and I heard the chorus sing. I had to try it out right away! As I continued my shoulder routine I looked over to see people using it as an ab machine… oh boy. Folks, please don’t ever do that. I’m all about getting creative on equipment, but it is not for your abdominals. You will kill your back and you could really hurt yourself! So if you see this piece of equipment at your gym, do not be intimidated by it! Try it out. Make sure your ankles are secured (quads go on top of the domes). If you are a little timid, have someone on standby to spot you. I had Tony spot me the first time I tried it in Virginia, but after two reps I was good!


Luckily today is glutes and hamstrings so I get to hit this thing big time. Hopefully I won’t have to fight to use it 😉

If you don’t have a GHR, no worries. Try this workout:

  • Good mornings (bar on shoulders, knees slightly bent, bend over from the hips half way and back up), 15 reps
  • Wide stance squats with bar for 15
  • Repeat 5 other times (yes 6 complete sets).

I like to do 2 sets back to back, take a short break, then go again. So only 3 rests. You can do it!

And the most important part. STRETCHING THEM! I’m often very guilty of not doing this.

This website has a great article on stretching them. 

Also, today I end with telling you Phoebe is on Instagram! Yes, Phoebe Buffay! Tons of cute little doggies have their own accounts. Believe me, I follow a lot of them. So I thought well, Phoebe definitely deserves her own page. Please follow her @ PhoebeBuffayPom 🙂


Have a great Wednesday!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Mal R

    That GHR looks intense. I’ve never seen one before!m what does it stand for? Can you show a video of how you use it?

    1. Katie

      I’ll be gone next week but I’ll post one to my instagram on Sunday!

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