Nobody Puts Baby (Phoebe) in the Corner

Happy Sunday! Or Sunday Funday as they call it. I’m actually writing this on a Saturday night at G-Mama’s. I don’t go out ever, not a fan. Like I said I’m a hermit and I’m okay with it šŸ™‚

Today’s blog will not be my norm. Short, no recipe, and limited pictures, because I don’t have access to the same things I do at home.

So let me jump right into what happened to Phoebe and I…

Saturday was our appointment at the vets. It was shot day and Phoebe is 4 months, so you know how puppies are, or any dog for that matter. They don’t like it! There was a different vet there today, I won’t name names because that’s not my style. BUT, I easily could have been arrested…

As you all have figured out by now Phoebe is my baby. I have always been a dog lover, and always will be. I was raised to believe an animal is a part of the family, and they truly are! I’m sure many of you out there will agree.

Anyway, not only did the vet give me attitude about Phoebe having a behavior problem because she yiped and wiggled when she was given A SHOT, but she then yelled at me saying I need to muzzle her to prevent this problem and I need to work on things at home.. Okay I am still shaking as I type this.. so furious.

Phoebe is a PUPPY! Puppies bite, they wiggle, and they hate shots like anyone would. She then went on to scream at Phoebe IN FRONT OF ME, and said you are not going to charm your way out of this with your cuteness. WELL. Let’s just say Minnie did not handle this well. I will discipline my own PUPPY thank you. There’s actually more to this story and things she said/did, but I am trying not to relive it…

So as you can imagine I am still very heated from this. Mama bear protects her baby bear. And I think my dad may have heart failure after being told this story (he’s puppy obsessed).

So we will not be returning to see her. I’m confused at how someone who wanted to be a vet, could be so mean and cruel to an animal, especially a puppy, and ESPECIALLY in front of me. I love the other vets I have seen before, so I will walk right out if we ever get her again.

You may think I’m dramatic, but really who could be so mean to this little face!?

I’m so innocent..

She was so happy when we left

Still loves mama


XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


P.S. I will create a workout tab tonight and add my back workout from the other day I promised. So check back. Minnie has to get her workout on!


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  1. Kevin

    Curious which vet clinic it was?

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