Post Leg Day Problems

Good Morning!

Happy Humpday! Half way through the week.

So for the past week and a half I’ve been doing my Skinny Minnie Slim Down. These workouts are TOUGH and my body hasn’t felt this kind of soreness in a while.

When I started these workouts, the plan was to shed a few pounds, I have now changed that goal. Since I picked a show date, right now the best option for me is to continue to grow. Shredding will come down the line. I’m still doing all my same workouts, just not working in a calorie deficit anymore. I’ve increased my calories quite a bit, probably more than I should have, and I’m feeling a little bulkier, but I know I’m also putting on muscle faster than I have in the past.

And for those wondering, no I’m not “dirty bulking”, I’m still eating clean and healthy foods, just more of it and dairy too!

Of course I’d like to be tight and shredded for summer, but honestly I don’t spend much time at the beach, I lay by my pool here and there, and I’m still fit. This will be worth it come November show time!

So what have I been clean bulking on? Here are all the things I meal prepped on Sunday!


20140610-231345.jpg 20140610-231403.jpg

20140610-231416.jpg 20140610-231423.jpg 20140610-231436.jpg 20140610-231514.jpg 20140610-231523.jpg

Also asparagus 🙂 Mmmmm! I learned yesterday that 31 spears are 100 calories. I guess medium sized ones. That’s a lof of asparagus. Totally beats those 100 calorie processed cookies that you end up getting about 4 of in a pack.


Last night I HAD to skip the gym. I really didn’t have a choice. To describe how my hamstrings feel right now ‘it’s like an animal clawing at the back of my legs, shredding my hamstring fibers with it’s teeth’. Graphic, yes, but this is how it feels! Many people wonder why you have muscle soreness after workouts. Basically you are injuring your muscles each time you lift, causing little tiny muscle tears. Breaking down of muscle fibers then in turn causes muscle growth. So that’s why I always say soreness=goodness! This time I’m not so sure. My body HURTS. It’s very painful. It’s those darn hamstring curls laying down! You know these guys:

I have been doing sets of 12 for 40-50 lbs. Works the hamstrings in a totally different way than I am used to. Pretty sure these guys are the culprit since my body is not used to them at all.

I tried foam rolling last night and I’m surprised you couldn’t hear my screams from where you are located. Plus, I had a fluffy little assistant who wouldn’t really let me do it without jumping on me. You all know who I’m talking about 😉

20140610-231247.jpg 20140610-231239.jpg


Hoping my body will be a little less sore today so I can get in the gym, if not I’m not going to push it. I would rather take an extra day than do further damage and be out for weeks.

So true guys!

Have a great day 😀

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


PS. I love you Mom and Dad, just because! 

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  1. tam

    Lots of clean eating meal prep there, all looks good stuff. For extra calories, I’v been eating nuts, you can add a lot of calories without getting too full. win win. Love my protein shakes too. Tam x

  2. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Love it!! Love how you’re bulking the clean way. I never did understand why people eat crap to bulk. Hopefully your soreness goes away, it’s no fun being super sore all the time!! Have a great Wednesday, one more day :D!!!

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