Some Improvement

Welcome back to the week! I definitely am improving, but I’m still sick šŸ™

Just trying to get back to normal as quickly as possible, but I know not to push it!

I spent yesterday just catching up on chores around the apartment and surfing the web. Phoebe and I did stop by G-Mama and Pop Pop’s for a little bit, but I ended up falling asleep on the couch. My body is just beat!

At home I added a new Board to my Pinterest account: Workout Gear. It features the things I use in the gym or my “essentials”. My favorite workout pants, tops, sports bras, even the hair ties and deodorant I use! I will be updating it all the time with products I use and buy. My shopping addiction besides food is workout gear, which I justify with hey I’m in the gym everyday! Seriously I don’t know what normal clothes are anymore. I’m either in scrubs and a white coat or gym clothes! Jeans? Dresses? What are those?

Since I don’t have many pics to share, I thought I’d share this cute little picture I saw on Instagram that I reposted. You guys know I always say I go into “beast mode”

I giggled? Love Belle :)
I giggled? Love Belle šŸ™‚

I completed my meal prep pretty early, usually I’m doing this until 10pm, but since I haven’t been able to workout, I knocked it out at a decent hour! Chicken breasts, salads with cucumbers, peppers, asparagus, sweet potatoes, and zucchini. The breakfasts are my typical greek yogurts with berries and goji powder sprinkled on top, then cottage cheese and jams.

The little ones are saved for a special "little one"
The little ones are fat I trimmed saved for a special “little one”
Back to the work week :(
Back to the work week šŸ™

My dinner included almond crusted chicken tenders. Sadly I ran out of almond meal and didn’t feel like crushing more, so I just used a little panko and coconut for the others!

Mmmm Chicken Tenders!
Mmmm Chicken Tenders!

I also ended up having veggies which didn’t make it to the pics

And made some Skinny Minnie Homemade Granola! I was worried it wouldn’t turn out because I didn’t have a ripe banana, so I used applesauce instead

Substituting my own recipes?
Substituting my own recipes?

Hmmm will this work?

not sure about this...
not sure about this…

Mixing with hope

Yay! Granola turned out! I could definitely taste the applesauce though
Yay! Granola turned out! I could definitely taste the applesauce though

I also had a “jimmies explosion”, yes I call them jimmies, they are NOT sprinkles! Phoebe said hey let me get that…

My little vacuum
My little vacuum

————– this is my line for when I want to transition to something but have no idea how to do it šŸ™‚

Remember how I showed you I was reading US weekly the other day? Well for anyone else that read Snooki’s article on how to lose weight I BEG OF YOU please do not follow what she does. Super unhealthy, I was appalled they printed it. She pretty much starved herself (I understand she’s petite but 1100 calories is not enough), and did hours of cardio to get down to a small frame. You ask anyone who has done this, they never can keep it up! Either the body gives up first, or you give in and binge like no tomorrow. Not that anyone out there would take advice from Snooki, but ya never know!

I really hope this week goes fast! The following week I have to work Friday, which means I have a 4 day weekend after this week. Going to be so nice!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns

    Geez, that cold really hit you hard! Just curious lol why do you call them “Jimmies”? Mmmm that granola always looks so darn good! That’s what she did?? Wow, I was wondering what she did to lose it so fast. When you eat that little, you HAVE to do a lot of cardio just so you can eat more. At least that’s what I did when I was eating 1000. Thank God I’m not in that place anymore. Hope she can realize that doesn’t work.

    1. Katie

      Jimmie’s are just a regional thing. In MD we call them Jimmie’s. Atleast in my fam we always did!

  2. Megan

    I always get so annoyed when I hear people talking about just dropping calories to nothing, I don’t count calories but I do know that 1200 is the bare bones minimum you should be taking in!

    1. Katie

      Yeah I couldn’t believe US pretty much let her encourage people to eat 1100 calories daily… disgusting

  3. Brandy

    What is your take on carbs? Good? Bad? I always get mixed messages! What is an appropriate daily carb intake? The only bread type carb I take in is Ezekiel bread, but i’m more referring to the carbs and sugars that are in everything else that is ingested throughout the day… Glad you’re starting to recover! Hopefully this is it with illness for a while!

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